How To Make Your Apple Mac Run Faster

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Apple Macs are a popular choice of laptop by many, and most of us absolutely love the features it has. It is the best when it’s fresh from the store or has only been with us for only a few months, but when it gets old, its performance would not be as good as we first got it.

If you are trying to hang on and wait a bit more for the next version of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, then you might find yourself in need of a better performance.

Using your MacBook for a few years could take a toll on its performance. After all, just like any other gadget, they do not age like fine wine. When they’ve been used for a long time, the level of performance won’t be as fast.

Though this might happen, there are still a few ways to get your MacBook working better and faster without having to upgrade the hardware or having to buy another one.

Get rid of some apps that launch when you boot up

To make your Mac perform better, you have to get rid of the apps and programs that launch when you turn on your computer. This kind of app could slow down your Mac when it tries to boot up. How are you going to identify what apps are programmed to launch when you boot up? First, click the apple icon then go to the System Preferences > Users and Groups> Login items. You will see the apps that launch in a list. Check the boxes on each app and select the minus button at the bottom to remove it. You can also use a mac uninstaller to get rid of the junk.

Check for software updates

Software updates could help you get rid of bugs and glitches that might be the cause of your computer slowing down. Always check for software updates and make sure that they are available for the full version of OS X that your computer is running on. Click the Apple button on the upper – left side and select the app store from the drop-down menu. After that, Mac will probably send a notification to your laptop when an update is available.


This is the most common and obvious way to deal with a lagging laptop or when your laptop is not performing well. Restarting your Mac would probably give it time to start fresh and run smoothly again. You can try doing things first before looking for other options. Your laptop might need to have a quick new start.

Close unused tabs

If you are the type of person who opens a lot of tabs on a daily basis then make it a habit to close up the tabs, you’re not using no matter how small it is because idle open tabs in your browser can take up memory and it may be the cause of your computer slowing down.

Close your apps

If you have a lot of programs open, this can take up a lot of space, just like tabs. If you are not going to use it anymore, be sure to close it the proper way so that it wouldn’t run in the background. You can use keyboard shortcuts to help you exit your apps easily

Organize your desktop

According to Digital Trends, every desktop item has its own memory footprint, which could take up a lot of space. Try reducing the icons on your desktop by organizing files that are alike. Some may find it daunting and a huge waste of time, but you’ll see that your laptop’s performance will get better when you do it, and it will be refreshing to the eyes as well.

Use activity monitor

The activity monitor is pretty straightforward and does exactly what it is named as. It enables you to see what programs are running in the background that you might not know of. Type “Activity Monitor” in the spotlight search, and there you will see the apps that are running in the background. Try closing these to lessen the work your computer is doing and processing, which may help in getting it to perform better and faster.

 Delete apps and files you don’t use

Most of the time, we download apps for us to use it in a short period of time and then forget to delete it even when we don’t need it anymore. Apps can take up a lot of space and maybe run behind your back, which may cause your Mac to slow down. If you think you aren’t really using particular apps, then delete it from your computer to free up some space. The same happens with files – so maybe try keeping some of them in a cloud to save you some precious space on your Mac.


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