How To Protect Your Laptop – 8 Easy Tips To Reduce Lasting Damage

A fools guide on how to protect your laptop from lasting damage 💻
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Whether you’ve just picked up a new laptop in the January sales or if you want to extend the life of your old machine, then it is worth learning a thing or two about basic laptop protection.Considering how pricey laptops are to buy in the first place, it is certainly worth learning basic care, protection and maintenance skills. Laptops tend to be quite delicate and many of us are guilty of being careless (or just plain unlucky) with them. As such, it seems that bumps, scrapes, stains and spills are an inevitable party of laptop ownership.

Whenever we buy or rent a laptop, for the first few days, we guard it with our lives. However, human nature prevails and it’s all too easy to grow lax with care; resulting in lasting laptop damage due to mishandling.

So, how do you protect and keep your laptop damage-free? If you would like to discover more about how to protect your laptop, then you should read this useful infographic from Bracken Foam Fabricators. This helpful guide offers practical pointers on how to care for your laptop and minimise the risk of damage with handy tips on how to buy laptop insurance.

Why Taking Care Of Your Laptop Is Important 

A responsible laptop owner recognises the importance of laptop care and maintenance. While it’s best to start taking care of your laptop the moment you get it from the store, some owners only realise that they should be more careful once it shows signs of damage. 

If your laptop isn’t brand new, you should consider having it checked up by accredited technicians that specialise in gadget repairs.  Laptop and Mobile Phone Fix by Phone Rehab is one example. They can do a thorough check that’ll help you figure out which parts and components of your device are more vulnerable and require extra care. 

Computers and laptops work best when they’re taken care of. A laptop’s speed and performance naturally decline over time, so checking them once in a while will help to find any potential issues before they lead to more problems. 

After all, a laptop’s cost is no joke. Depending on your computing needs, compatibility requirements, lifestyle, and preference, the laptop that suits you best may be expensive. Decent laptops in the market today start at AUD$600 to AUD$800, and you can’t perform demanding tasks on them. If you use special programs for photo and video editing, music production, computer-aided design (CAD), programming, and the like, you’ll find yourself shelling out more than AUD$1,300. 

Protect Laptop From Damage Infographic
Key Laptop Protection Tips

For those of us who use their laptop every day, a broken machine can soon become a huge inconvenience. The good news is that if you act fast, there’s a good chance that the damage will be limited to some degree. For example, time is of the essence if you have spilt liquid on your laptop. One way to prevent or reduce the chance of spillage is by purchasing a laptop stand to raise it above the desk and away from your drink!

1. Always Bag Your Laptop.

So you have the best laptop for the money, good for you! Now you need to avoid dents or scratches. The best way to avoid physical damage is to purchase a good quality laptop bag. You can either opt for a fancy and customised laptop bag or a simple and durable carry case. A laptop bag will not only make carrying your laptop around the globe simple, it will also reduce any form of dropped damage or chipping. We always recommend that you pick a laptop bag that will make you smile. Choose something that you will enjoy carrying around and don’t forget to ensure that your laptop bag will go with most outfits. A good laptop bag will come with plenty of pockets to store USB drives, cabling and other laptop accessories. A bad laptop carry case will have just the bare essentials.

2. Protect From Electrical Circuit Overloads

An often overlooked, but common laptop killer is not having something in place to protect an electrical circuit from an overload. When an electrical circuit is overloaded the impact on the laptop ranges from nothing to completely dead and beyond repair. Make sure your electrical systems are up to scratch to avoid a laptop replacement!

3. Protect Your Laptop With Covers

When you are forking big bucks on a shiny new laptop, you may as well spend and extra $30AUD on a cool laptop cover. Whilst the sleek grey of the Apple Mac looks stunning in its native form, laptop covers will always be on trend. Laptop covers help protect the upper surface of the laptop and keep it brand new without any dust or scratches. You can customise your cover with a range of styles and designs to make it look attractive and why not go all out and purchase something wild.

We often find people passing comments on our laptop cover during meetings and asking where we purchased the case from. It’s a great ice-breaker and covering up your laptop will not only protect the hardware but also help you hold the laptop properly without slipping from your grasp. Laptop covers are the best way to shield your laptop from humid weather too!

4. Say No to Drinks or Food.

Okay, we all get hungry. But do you really need to eat that Big Mac whilst typing on your laptop? Fight the urge to eat or drink near your laptop wherever possible. No matter how sturdy your fingers, accidentally spilling your drink on the laptop will fry it within minutes and there is nothing worse than sticky keys. Munching food over your laptop is a surefire way to leave food residue between your laptop vents. Food residue will stay stuck inside your laptop for a long time and collect dust which will affect the laptop’s cooling system. Sorry, it’s an obvious one but stay away from food or drink near your laptop.

5. Shield Your Laptop Display.

Laptop display screens are pretty delicate and very expensive to replace. In fact, if you ruin your laptop screen display then you are likely to be financially better off just buying a new laptop altogether. Adding a protective shield over your laptop display is a really good way to avoid this type of damage. With many options available, you can now also opt for an anti-glare sheet to protect the display screen from any solar exposure. Laptop display protection is easily purchasable throughout all technology stores and we recommend you purchase one to avoid the risk of a damaged display.

6. Handle Your Laptop Carefully.

It happens. We humans are clumsy. Your laptop is a very expensive gadget and you have to keep in mind to hold it properly in your hands. At any opportunity, ensure you have a firm grip on your laptop to ensure that it does not slip or fall on the floor whilst travelling. Use proper surfaces to place the laptop down and always make sure that it is held, carried and used with the utmost care. Laptop damage can be pretty costly and can put a huge dent in your pocket to get it back into working condition again.

7. Be Gentle With Laptop Cords

Whether the charging cable or any other wire related to the laptop, handle with care. Don’t let any wires attached to the laptop get twisted or bent. Laptop wires or cables can easily get damaged without you noticing and also damage your laptop with a sudden power jolt. There are some awesome gadgets available for desk cable management if your laptop stays in a fixed location. Otherwise, make sure your wires are carefully ladened across a surface or floor. Don’t forget trip hazards if you have little ones!

8. Keep Your Laptop Cool & Clean.

Where a car runs better when hot, a laptop is the complete opposite. It is absolutely essential for your laptop to not become overheated as too much high temperature can harm the laptop processor, put pressure on the inner body and make the laptop battery explode. The best way to avoid overheated situations is to have a laptop cooling stand or a monitor arm with your laptop whilst you are using it. It’s too easy to sit back in bed and type on your mattress but this is a surefire way to slowly reduce the performance of your laptop.

You can also maintain your laptop’s life and condition by keeping it clean. Use a soft cloth to clean the vents, ports and the entire body so that your laptop remains cool. Keeping your laptop dusty will not only increase the chances of intense harm to the laptop’s inner body but also to its outer body. Dust is often not particularly visible unless en-mass and therefore regular cleans are important to retain your laptops health.

9. Always Use Antivirus Protection.

Protecting your laptop is not just from the outside but also the inside. Avoid opening any spam emails or links as various viruses piggyback on them and can enter your system and cause havoc. Don’t use any corrosive USB pen drives and avoid using any DVDs or CDs with scratches on them. In fact, just avoid DVDs or CDs altogether as they are pretty outdated now.

The best way to make sure that your laptop does not become a home to nasty viruses is to install a top-notch antivirus program. This way your laptop will not only alert you of any possible virus threats but also keep your system squeaky clean of any virus or corrupted files. A good antivirus program will keep all your data safe and unviolated!

How To Protect Your Laptop Summary & Repair Costs

The laptop has become one of the most important gadgets in our lives. Without it, a major part of our work life can get severely affected. Therefore, your laptop must not be harmed whether on the outside or the inside. If you follow the protection tips we have shared above you will easily be able to increase the life of your laptop and save some dollars in the process!

Unfortunately, the cost of getting a laptop repaired can get quite steep. In some cases, the cost of repair may exceed the cost of a brand new replacement. The cost of repair will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The make of laptop
  • The extent of the damage
  • The repair shop you choose
  • Invest in a Quality Bag & Screen Protector

A good-quality laptop case is essential when travelling with your laptop. A bag helps to protect the laptop against damage, and it can protect it from falling objects. Go for a bag that has robust padding and pockets for storing important accessories (e.g. USB sticks, mouse, charger etc.)

Additionally, you can protect your laptop screen with a screen guard or thin protector made from either plastic or tempered glass. This will help to ward off avoid scratches, water damage, and other forms of physical damage. What’s more, this can also keep your screen from getting smudged or dusty. For the ultimate protection, you may choose to supplement this with a keyboard protector.

If all Fails

IF everything else fails, you can always look to sell your laptop for cash if someone is willing to purchase it for spares. Obviously, you’re not going to get full market value, but it could make financial sense if the repairs are costly. The money you get can be put towards a new laptop that should last of r years to come. Think of it like writing off a car, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and move on.


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