How To Save YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing on PC

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It is well known that watching a YouTube video requires an Internet connection. But did you know that it’s possible to save videos for later offline viewing?

YouTube is designed to allow watching and streaming videos only on their website, but many users are interested in downloading their favorite videos from the platform in order to watch them on their PC, laptop, or smartphone, or sometimes even edit them. YouTube, however, doesn’t allow users to download content directly from the platform.

Using a third-party service is usually necessary. Other options are to get a YouTube subscription service or install the software. Please be aware that downloading some videos may infringe on copyrights.

If you are interested in this topic, here are some suggestions and tips for downloading and watching YouTube content on your computer:

Download a Youtube Video Using an App

Are you sick and tired of annoying ads and annotations? Are you interested in accessing your favorite videos while offline and backing them up on your PC in case they get removed?

We are about to talk about the easiest and most convenient way to do all that. There are many different apps on the market to help you download YouTube videos. When choosing an app, make sure it’s fast and simple. A good downloader for youtube vids should be able to convert files into any format you want and have support for full HD. Some even offer the option to share a video from within the app.

Try an app that can run both on your computer and your phone. Desktop software is usually more powerful and faster, so you will be able to download entire playlists.

Download a Youtube Video Using a Website Service

Many websites offer this service. YouTube is more popular than ever! Millions of users are registered, and more than a million videos are being uploaded every hour on this platform.

This is why it’s very useful to learn about the websites that will help you download YouTube videos, so you can access them while offline. You can also find a lot of PC and Mac software to do the trick, but they are considered a little outdated. Experts recommend using a website that does everything quickly and easy, while online, without having to install anything.

Be careful, because some of the websites that offer this service for free are no longer completely safe to use. You don’t want to accidentally download malware to your computer (through the website, or a partner website). Some of the websites are now permanently shut down due to their deceptive tactics, such as malware-related ads.

So, make sure you do thorough research in order to trust the website is safe, or choose some of the other options if you still have some doubts. You can always try verified apps, a screen recorder, youtube-dl, or YouTube Premium. You know what they say: “Better safe than sorry”.

Download a Youtube Video Using Youtube-Dl

Youtube-dl is a very popular YouTube downloader app. Not only does it download YouTube content, but it’s widely used for many other websites, and the best thing is that it’s free. This application can download any video format to your computer, including HD. It supports:

The only thing users often complain about is that it can be rather complex and tricky to learn, so it’s recommended for more advanced and experienced computer users.

Download a Youtube Video Using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is another safe, user-friendly option for downloading videos. It is designed for users at any level of experience. By paying a monthly subscription of $11.99 you will get access to all the videos you want to download, and you will be able to watch them offline on your computer or a mobile device. It is cheaper than other streaming services, and you will still have unlimited access to all videos and music.

So, why do some people still prefer other options? The problem with YouTube Premium is that after 48 hours you can no longer access your music and videos offline until you connect to the Internet and validate your YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube offers a one-month free trial, so you can always try it out and decide for yourself. If you like it you can pay for the service. If not, there are plenty of other options out there.

It seems that users never get bored of watching YouTube videos. The platform has launched in more than 90 countries, and it’s more popular than TV nowadays. Statistics have shown that 6 of 10 people prefer YouTube to TV. These are some incredible numbers. If you are a fan too, we encourage you to try some of these awesome downloading options and start enjoying your favorite videos, even without Internet access.


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