How to sell your devices online

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Are you interested in selling your old devices? Why not try the online market? Many people don’t realize that there are multiple ways to sell their old devices online. And these can offer better pricing and more convenient payment options.

With the rise of the internet and e-commerce, selling your used devices has become easier than ever. But you might still get confused about how to do it. So we’re here to help you out.

Selling your device through an online classifieds site

Using a classifieds site is one of the simplest ways to sell your used devices online. When selling your used devices in this manner, you usually just need to provide the following information.

  • Model and other brand details
  • I/O number

The information will then be posted on a special classifieds page for your device. You can list multiple devices in the same ad, as long as each device has its own unique page.

For example, if you wish to sell an old iPhone 5c and a 12-inch MacBook, you can place a separate ad for each device.

Sell through online brokers if you don’t mind paying a service fee. Some brokers also buy used devices online from people who don’t want to sell their devices themselves. However, they can often charge high amounts in brokerage fees or offer a terrible amount for your device. So try to stay as away from them as possible.

Be honest and transparent

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling online or offline. Being honest about your device’s condition and performance is necessary.

If your device has some extent of damage, get it fixed before selling your device. This increases your chances of receiving higher value for your product. And no matter what, do not try to trick the buyer with false images or boastful descriptions.

Time matters

When is the correct time to sell your device? Many smartphone owners have no idea about this. Mostly, they sell whenever another model catches their attention.

But you have to decide when the right time is for selling your device. If your device is only a few months old and you spot a new model, you might want to try an exchange offer. If it’s very old, you won’t get a decent amount even if you sell it. So decide wisely if you really should sell your used device.

Decide where to sell

There are several online marketplaces where you are allowed to exchange or sell your devices. Buyback Boss is one of those platforms. You can easily sell your used device and get the highest possible money for it.

If you’re wondering how you can list and sell your device on such marketplaces, keep reading!

Step-by-step Guide for Selling Devices Online on a Marketplace

1) Get a Quote

To find a buyer on marketplaces for your used device, you have to provide some details by answering a few questions. Most sites will provide a quote to you in less than 30 seconds.

Assuming that someone is interested in your device, you will need to take further steps. Share your email for receiving the prepaid shipping label and tap on the “get paid” button. This will open the checkout page.

2) Shipping the Phone

The next thing you must do is proceed to the checkout and select the way of getting paid. Buyback Boss provides you two payment modes – PayPal and donate. Enter your PayPal email for receiving the payment for your device. Besides, you have to provide contact details and shipping address.

Check the box for accepting the terms of use and privacy policy given at the bottom. In the end, click on the “Complete Checkout” option.

3) Get Paid

After your order is received, the device will go under some testing procedures. Once your order is processed and verified, the payments will be released with a check or PayPal, as per your preference. This procedure will be similar for most marketplaces.


These steps will let you sell your devices online quickly and for a good price in most cases. However, be wise while deciding on adopting a new model and selling your old one. Sometimes, choosing a new phone or laptop because you simply want it isn’t always the right option. Regardless, if you are eager to sell your old device, try BuyBack Boss.


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