How To Maximise Online Shopping When Buying Tech & Gadgets 

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It’s no secret that technology had redefined the way we shop. Not only has it made it more accessible; it has also allowed consumers to delve further into the world of technology, thanks to continuous technological innovations and an increasing amount of time spent on smartphones. As a result, consumers are more tuned in technologically than ever. However, it can also present challenges like misinformation (thanks to the ever-expanding range of models on the market), a rise in impulse buying, and rising online shopping debt. In fact, recent research from CouriersPlease showed that Australians are accumulating more debt by shopping online than are by shopping in store. At the top of the purchase list – tech and gadgets. With this in mind, we must now turn to ways consumers can make the most of their online gadget purchases.

Choose A Retailer Reward With Relevant And Easily Translatable Perks

Each year, Australians spend around $2.7 billion on gadgets. While many of them utilise online shopping platforms and tools to track the latest releases in computing, mobiles or smart home devices, many consumers are still not taking advantage of the rewards that online retailers now offer, including discounted insurance on tech or loyalty points. The whole concept of consumer reward points is no longer just an in-store one, and many technology retailers and brands like Active Skin, David Jones online shopping or Bed Threads run online promotions offering double or bonus points for shopping online. These points can then be used elsewhere, or even saved up, to gain a discount on a subsequent complementary purchase such as printer ink for your new printer.

Spend A Minute Reading Tech Reviews Before Purchasing

Each year, immediately after the annual CES show, media outlets and companies roll out their marketing campaign as they get ready for their product launch. It’s not uncommon to see headlines suggesting the best tech you can buy this year, ranging from the new Google Chromebook to sleep technology like the Urgonight. Many online shops and selling platforms can sell gadgets that may have been deemed poor or are no longer supported. Taking a minute to check online forums or the latest tech reviews can save you money and make sure you get the right tech for your needs.

Check Your Tech Is Current And An Upgrade Is Not Imminently Pending

Buying tech that is about to be replaced or upgraded is a mistake most consumers are familiar with – and a costly one to make. One good example is the Apple iPhone. New iPhone models are released every September, and the cost of each new model easily exceeds $1,000 every time. Yet their older models remain popular and at the forefront of many shops, and can tempt you to head out and spend money on getting a phone that is likely to be upgraded quite soon anyway.

Before heading out to buy gadgets, take a few minutes to search online for news reports, press announcements and consumer inputs on any upcoming models. This way you can decide whether you want to wait and whether the new features are worth the wait. Opting to wait for an upgraded model may also fix any initial customer complaints and in the end, give you the best value for your money.

The world of technology is a rapidly evolving one. It seems like each day there is another line up of must-have gadgets to add to your personal collection, and with the ease of online shopping, there is very little excuse to stop consumers from giving into the temptation to buy them. In 2018, the number of online purchases alone grew by 13 percent. However, if you are going to shop for gadgets online, try to follow a few basic rules to get the most out of your purchase – and your money.


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