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HyperCube: Experience Another Dimension

Sound reactive, app-enabled, hyper-chromatic art that will transport you to another dimension!! 🤩 🤪
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Ever wanted a hi-tech art piece that can fit your bedroom or gaming station? You might want to check out the HyperCube. This amazing project took two years to develop and utilised the Indiegogo crowdsourcing platform to successfully fund the project.

As of this writing, Hyperscape Lighting has already secured almost $500,000 and their hyper-bird discount units are already sold out.

So we’ll talk about what makes this tech art stand out aside from looking intensely to its infinite illusion of pretty lights.

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Durable and Energy Efficient

The team made sure to use every durable material into making this magnificent cube. Its scratch-proof, shatter-proof and lightweight glass windows makes sure that your HyperCube is enough to last a lifetime.

The frames are also equipped with a sleek, high-durability PVC plus it also has 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity support for its included mobile app.

You might think that this cube will draw out a lot of electricity. With around 288 to 480 LEDs installed in each cube, these are also designed to be energy efficient for its power draw is equivalent to 1 or 2 LED lightbulbs.

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Sound Reactive And App Controlled

With a lot of research and development put into these cubes it’s no wonder the HyperCube got a second round of funding. We can see in this video how it flawlessly responds to the music and it does take you to another dimension.

The HyperCube lights up as soon as it’s plugged in and it plays a “Kaleidoscopic” pattern by default. It changes patterns every 60 seconds and generates new colors every 10 seconds.

Aside from having its own control box, this hi-tech piece of art can be further customized via your smartphone. Its included smartphone app lets you choose from 95 unique, custom-coded patterns. If RGB lighting isn’t your thing, you can choose up to three of your own personalized colors.

The HyperCube comes in 10x10x10″ or 15x15x15″ variants and you can get it starting at their current early bird discount of $270.

Back HyperCube on INDIEGOGO now!Support this project to save money and support innovation from the world's best inventors!

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