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inCharge X Shows Off Its Prowess As A 100W Fast Charging Cable

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The most crowdfunded fast charging cable is now back stronger than ever with their 8th campaign. RollingSquare, a team of innovators based in Switzerland has continuously innovated cables since 2014. 

The inCharge X has caught consumers by surprise with their new line coined as the “Swiss Army Knife of cables”.

A Cable That Can Charge Your Devices In Less Than 2 Hours

What’s amazing about this cable among the existing ones in the market is that it’s well-built and suited to your tech needs. Don’t be fooled by its appearance for inCharge X can surpass the popular cables in the market today.

This cable can charge your smartphones, tablets and even your laptops at an average full charge time of 90 to 100 minutes compared to standard 10W cables that give you a longer charging time of over 2 hours as they have tested in devices such as the Google Pixel 5.

The metal housings are also built to last with zinc-aluminum alloy that protects their proprietary chip that gives out up to 100W USB-C ultra fast charging and 18W for Apple’s fast charging.

Adaptive and Durable Design Plus Blazing Data Transfer Speeds

Not only this cable supports fast charging but also delivers fast speed transfers of 480Mbit per second. The cable guard is also made of a nylon reinforcement and a TPU layer to protect the 200 braided copper wires plus aramid fiber that increases thermal, chemical and abrasion resistance.

inCharge X Exceeded Funding Expectations

Since last month, they have managed to secure over €370,000 in funding which exceeded their €10,000 target.

You can still support the project via Indiegogo this week and you can get your own inCharge X starting at a late bird discounted price of $14 and shipping is estimated to start in February 2021.


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