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India Atmospheric Data Collection Now to be Carried Out by Drones Instead of Air Balloons

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Article Summary
  • India plans to upgrade its atmospheric data collection process with the help of drones.
  • Drones will replace the use of weather balloons.
  • Automation will allow scientists to gather data efficiently and with minimal wastage.

The future is here and drones are part of it. India has just decided to ditch the use of air balloons in order to collect atmospheric data and will now be using drones instead.

The project is huge for both India and drones in general since the technology’s impact in scientific fields has yet to be tested. With the recent decision to use drones, India will not only be improving its current atmospheric data collection method but also give drones a whole new use case.

Just recently, Sydney hosted a drone show which showcased how drones can be choreographed in order to create aesthetically pleasing figures. While some people still look at drones as a toy, they can usually do more than just entertainment if used properly.

Drones might have had a bad rap for some people due to their use when it comes to surveillance tactics but aside from that, there have been so much more that drones have contributed. Aside from making deliveries or capturing images or videos, India is planning to use drones for a very specific scientific purpose.

India is Ditching Its Older Weather Balloon Technology and Switching to Drone Usage

India plans to deploy drones in order to collect atmospheric data “that is currently collated by sending sensors through weather balloons released from at least 55 locations… twice every day.”

The new initiative aims to make use of a drone’s ability to fly in high-altitude areas while being controlled on the ground. Instead of pictures, the drones will be programmed in order to collect scientific data regarding the atmosphere.

The main goal is to let go of the current system which uses weather balloons and use drone sensors instead. This way, the data will be easy to collect and the drones will be more controllable in the air.

Benefits of Using Drones for Atmospheric Data Collection

One key benefit of switching to drones is minimizing wastage. Instead of weather balloons being lost in the sky, the scientists and data gatherers can always retrieve the drones, repair them if necessary, and deploy them once again to gather more data.

Data gathering is very important especially when it comes to the status of the atmosphere. Atmospheric data can also help scientists and decision-makers know the true status of a location in terms of the environment.

This way, the public can then make calculated moves in order to improve the overall status of the atmosphere and make changes when necessary. Through the help of drones, not only will data be easier to collect, it will also be more accurate in nature (depending on the technology used to gather them).

Since drones can be programmed to do routine flights, this could also help automate the process of gathering data consistently.


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