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Instax’ Mini Link 2 Allows Smartphones to Print with New Filters

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Article Summary
  • Instax is launching a new printer called the Mini Link 2.
  • The printer allows users to print out Polaroid-like photos with new filters.
  • The printer is also versatile and can be connected with the FUJIFILM X-S10 camera.

There’s a strong argument that physical photos are capable of holding more sentimental value compared to real ones. Instax acknowledges this argument and is launching the Mini Link 2 which allows users to print photos from their smartphone with new filters.

The world of photography has evolved and instead of having to go to a specific store to have old photos developed, Instax is planning to bring Polaroid-like instant printing to smartphone photos. This means that users will be able to instantly print out photos directly from their smartphone instead of having to send the file to a computer, connect the computer to a printer, and print out a physical copy of the photo.

The Polaroid camera remains one of Instax’ strongest suits and instead of fully transitioning into digital cameras, the company has decided to take a hybrid approach to its cameras. Aside from cameras, the company is also focusing its efforts on printers that are connectable to the owner’s smartphones.

Instax Mini Link 2 Provides Polaroid-Like Photos

Instax believes that despite most photos being posted on social media, there is still room in the market for physical photos with the help of camera filters. The company launched the Mini Link 2 which is a portable printer attachable to your smartphone.

The printer is also small in size making it easy for users to carry around wherever they go. With the company’s Polaroid technology, the camera is also capable of printing out photos with Polaroid effects.

Instead of a plain photo, users can enjoy using the new Instax Mini Link 2 to print high-quality photos in Polaroid style. The printer is expected to launch in the UK for a little over $200 AUD on June 22.

Of course, the printer can also be connected to certain cameras like the FUJIFILM X-S10 for users to enjoy Polaroid-like photos taken from a camera instead of just a regular smartphone.

Smartphones and How They are Taking Over Photography

A lot of experts, including Sony’s CEO, believe that the DSLR and a lot of other digital cameras could go extinct due to the development of smartphones and the cameras inside them. This belief is also shared by a lot of users since there has been a decline in digital camera interest compared to smartphone interest.

Apple, Samsung, and a lot of other smartphone companies are now focusing their efforts on creating phones that not only provide users with good smartphone capabilities but also professional cameras fit for photography.

With the advancement of not just cameras but also social media, more and more people are starting to see the importance of taking photos not just for professional purposes but also for personal purposes as well.


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