International Call Center Company: Find the Best Software

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With the internationalization of the world, call centers can be located just about anywhere. To attract companies, the first thing this kind of service company needs; is a good software at its core. But what can be considered as such, today? Let’s look at what the best software will do for an international call center.

The Capacity to Grow

If you own an international call center, and you intend to grow and find new clients all over the world, you will need a call center software that will enable you to do so, easily. If a new contract comes in, and you need to augment the number of phone lines, you simply cannot wait a few weeks. Before, call centres that worked with landlines had to get in touch with the service provider inside the country, so that they would come to install each line, and all the equipment it required, as well. Today, with a VoIP system, it can take place in a very short amount of time, since it doesn’t necessitate physical installations.

The other very important element to look for on a software, that will be the core of your business phone system, is the capacity for employees to work remotely. It can be difficult to recruit many phone agents in a short amount of time, in one city. But if you can hire people that work from home, then you may do so anywhere in Australia. Furthermore, if you are an international call center, it will certainly mean that you will need a workforce 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Then, it is better to have employees in various locations around the world, instead of having people working night shifts. With a good phone system software, this particular way of collaboration will not be an issue, no matter where the people answering the calls are.

Having the Necessary Tools to Manage Everyone

When you work with employees that are located in various points, either inside or outside Australia, you need to have the right tools that will enable you to remain in contact with everyone and to be able to evaluate their work from afar. A good phone system will let you install more software that will permit you to do so. In fact, it will probably suggest possibilities when you first install the system.


It is not possible to collaborate with remote employees without having a good analytics program, in order to follow their work. It should inform you on the average time that they spend on the phone with customers, how busy they are and how many times do they have to transfer the line to their superior, in order to solve a customer’s issue.

Call Monitoring

Managers have to be able to listen to calls that their agents are responding to, in order to evaluate the quality of the service that they provide to customers. Therefore, having a call monitoring software installed is also a must, whether your employees are inside your building or working from afar. It is also the best way to train someone, by having them on calls while you take notes and then inform them on what they have to do better, the next time they pick-up a call.


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