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iOS 16 Update: Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Support

The iOS 16 is expected to come with a few new features and among them is one that supports Nintendo Joy-Cons. Could this mean that gamers will finally be able to play Nintendo Switch games on their Apple devices?
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Article Summary
  • Apple could be making moves towards the gaming industry.
  • iOS 16 update includes support for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.
  • The Joy-Cons were used to play with emulated games on iOS

Although Nintendo Switch isn’t the newest console on the market and despite news of competition from the likes of the Steam Deck, the handheld device remains highly competitive as gamers still enjoy the flexible device which allows people to play against each other or connect the console to a TV.

While there hasn’t been much innovation when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, there’s no denying that Nintendo still has a loaded bag of games it could release. When it comes to the hardware, however, it seems like there aren’t many upgrades going on.

To be clear, the support of the Joy-Cons does not necessarily mean that Nintendo Switch games could make their way to Apple devices. Since the Joy-Cons are basically just controllers, this could mean that gamers would be able to play iOS games with the Joy-Cons.

Apple Adds Support for Joy-Cons

Apple is expected to release numerous updates with its iOS 16 during the WWDC 2022 event but when it comes to Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, the news was actually discovered by a Twitter user by the name of Riley Testut.

Riley is the developer behind the popular iOS video game emulator called Delta which allows users to play iOS games on their Apple devices. Riley shared a photo of the connected Joy-Cons along with a statement saying the controllers “work perfectly with Delta.

Apple’s Moves Towards the Gaming Industry

This meant that users will be able to use the Joy-Cons in order to play different emulated games on their Apple devices simulating a better gaming experience. With the help of Delta, players can emulate different types of gaming consoles like older PlayStations, Xboxs’, or even the beloved GameBoy.

While Apple isn’t really that known when it comes to the gaming world, the new move to add support for Joy-Cons with the iOS 16 update could help the company venture more into that field. Today, gaming remains one of the largest industries in the world which is why it is no surprise that Apple might want to expand in this field.

So far, Apple has not yet made major moves toward the gaming end and has focused more on its products. The company is expected to launch more of its M2 MacBooks that are expected to be announced during the WWDC 2022.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the company will never venture into gaming. Apple could once again take a stealthy approach and slowly adapt to the gaming world only to give a big announcement once it has already integrated more gaming tech.


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