Is It Possible To Recover Data From A Dead Phone?

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Losing All Your Data And Memories Can Be Really Heart-Breaking

When you accidentally drop your phone and it breaks or when your phone goes kaput on you, then it can be a really frustrating experience. Especially when you have all those memories stored in it or even more terrifying if you have important documents and passwords saved on it. The precious data saved in your phone can mean a lot to you.

At such times you will be ardently searching online for solutions to recover the data you have lost. Below are some of the ways that you can explore to recover data from your dead phone.

Look For A Professional

Sometimes even with repeated attempts, you might not be able to get your phone to working mode again. However, at such times you may be able to find that the data has been backed up on some external source. The first solution should definitely be to find a trusted data recovery service like Recovered Data Recovery that can help you to get your data back from failed hard disk drives, Solid State Drives, and mobile devices.

Simultaneously you can also look if you have previously synchronized your data on your PC or used a cloud service. It can happen that you have unknowingly agreed to automatic backups on your phone when you were setting up your phone in the first place. If you are able to find all the data on your PC then recovering it from there will be pretty easy and straightforward.

Connect Your Phone To PC

If you have checked all the places on your laptop and realized that the data has not been backed up anywhere then you will have to try alternative ways. You can try to connect your dead phone to the PC and check if it recognizes it.

If you use a built-in file explorer tool, then your PC might access all the information on your phone just how it is used to reading a USB card that you insert in it. If it still fails then you will have to try taking it to professionals. Sometimes the problem with the phone itself can be solved as it could be a dead battery and nothing more. In such cases, your phone can still be salvaged and accessed through a PC.

However, sometimes it is even possible that while trying to save the phone itself, all the data can be erased. Check with the service repair experts in advance so you know what you are signing up for.

Data Recovery Software

Another way to attempt to restore data from a dead phone is to use data recovery software. This software type is specifically used to retrieve information that has been deleted. How this software works is pretty simple. In the modern types of mobile phones, there is a storage drive.

A file that is stored on these types of drives is never entirely deleted. Instead, when you do delete a file, the space that was initially used for it gets freed up for new files. Therefore, you will be able to recover those files easily before something else is replaced in that space. The software takes advantage of this and you can have the same benefit.

You can install data recovery software on your computer and detect if the file is still in the phone. After installing the software, you will need to scan your phone. You will then be able to see if the recently deleted files are detected and if they can be recovered. You can try multiple such programs if one does not work. If the data is detected then you can also try to check if the software can rebuild it and you can recover it.

Reasons Why You Would Need Phone Data Recovery:

The mobile phone that goes dead can be replaced or repaired easily. However, the data on it can be important and hence everyone likes to make sure that they retrieve all of it. Some of these data can be beautiful memories of your first child or very important and intricate details of a project you are working on.

There are many reasons that your phone can go kaput and sometimes when you understand the reason, it is easier to repair that one problem and save both your both and data. Below are some reasons why your mobile phone could have gone dead or is on the verge of crashing.


This has to be one of the most prominent reasons why your mobile phone went kaput on you. All electronic gadgets have a certain lifetime and eventually will stop working. So just like any other product, keep in mind that someday your mobile phone will expire.

If you take good care of it and follow maintenance standards then it might last a little longer though. If your phone starts getting very slow when you use then you should know that it is time to replace the device sooner.

Harsh Placement

Many people do not take keeping their mobile phone in the right place as a serious issue. All electronic products must be placed in a suitable place especially during storage. Leaving it out in the sun or in very humid areas can damage the phone and even reduce its life. If you keep your phone near water bodies then you are definitely inviting an accident. If your phone drops in the sink or any other place where there is water, though there are ways to dry your phone and bring it back to life, it will still not function as well as it did before. Not adding the protection layer, will make it prone to breaking easily when you drop it unexpectedly.

The whole idea is to look after your mobile phone properly so that it does not go dead on you at the most unexpected time. This includes installing proper anti-virus software, not opening too many applications at the same time and overloading it, and at the same time making sure that all the hardware parts are kept intact. Backing up the data regularly when your phone is working is one good way to avoid this problem in the future.


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