Is the Tech Industry Right for You? From IPv4 to Connectivity

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Technology is a growing network of career paths that can take a passionate worker to the ends of the Earth and beyond. The tech industry presents endless possibilities to the visionary logical thinker—from the possibilities baked into the internet of things, to spacecraft or oceanic submersible construction and operations. In the tech field, you may very well find yourself at the cutting edge of what humans can dream and achieve, pushing the limits every farther.

It all begins with connectivity.

The internet created explosive growth in the technology sector, from merchandise stemming from new online stores to IPv4 addresses. It has directly contributed to the production of trillions of dollars in corporate profit and thousands of startups that build and deploy truly magical solutions to the problems that we face every day. Tech outlets take advantage of this concept of the internet of things and the need for IP address connections throughout our world to design and build new solutions and outlets to the issues that plague our society every day.



The internet has led to unique connections between people all across the world and the ideas that make society move. Tech sector jobs seek to identify gaps in knowledge sharing, create solution architecture that can increase business productivity—and therefore the financial health of workers—and utilize critical thinking skills that help predict and approach structural social issues that play significant roles in the lives of every day citizens.

The tech industry utilizes the connectivity of our globe to further this goal, and jobs in the dizzying array of subfields all center on the overall improvement of the human condition by using critical thinking and innovation. Work in the tech industry exposes you to meaningful careers that require logical thinking skills and truly make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Data analysis can be a way of life.

Data analysts in the continental U.S. and elsewhere are often pigeonholed by outside observers. People tend to think of exclusions regarding these analysts. In the minds of many they are simply one-track critical thinkers that build statistical models of information that pertains to a linear problem set. However, data analysis, and particularly that which corresponds to big data applications, is a vibrant and multifaceted world of problem solving that crosses through the borders of all walks of life.



Data analysts deal with large scale issues that affect the daily lives of millions of Americans. In cities and suburbs all around the country, tech-focused workforces apply their large skillsets to the transportation, power, and waste removal services that impact their entire communities. An ‘analog’ approach to these problems is certainly possible, but without the addition of data-centric problem solving the rate at which these troubles are addressed and mitigated would be impossibly slow.

Data analysts are critical thinkers, empowered problems solvers who can visualize trouble before it metastasizes in order to combat the foes of everyday living that loom just over the horizon. This is done with the power of pattern recognition and with massive computing resources.

Take a simplified approach.

For those who are not data savvy, the world of critical thinking and complex problems might seem like a parade of dense analytical skills that are only useful for those studying for a computer science bachelor’s degree. But technology offers additional opportunities to a larger block of the public that were simply unimaginable just decades ago. Writers, for instance have always performed a special role in our social fabric. Reporting work has always acted as the front line defense against abuses and overreach, and to inform the citizenry about the happenings of the day that are more pedestrian as well. The modern world has seen this function expanded beyond the ranks of print media, blogs in fact now number in range of 500 million. Everyone has something interesting to say, and the internet has created a unique environment in which you can say it to a global audience without having to physically find listeners.

Blogging is a great way to get your message out there while utilizing the phenomenal power of the internet. Growing your digital presence is not difficult in the traditional sense, but takes a dedication that many are not able to keep up over the long term. Making digital content creation your full time focus requires a belief in yourself and the perseverance to see it through—but for those who show a determination to succeed, writing and publishing online can be a fantastically lucrative business. You have the unique ability to work as your own boss and curate your efforts in a way that fits your unique style and interests. Learning to create fantastic content that bridges this gap comes with experience so keeping with it is essential to success both in growing your audience and in continuing to create increasingly targeted content that strikes a chord with your readers.



The best part of digital content creation is that you are actively generating a trail of work that will continue to produce passive income over the long term. Your content lives on long after you stop writing, so the larger your audience today the more viewers you stand to net in the future as your blog maintains its digital location over the long term. The primary thrust of your income from writing is built on advertising revenue, so the existence of your blog and its visibility on search engine results pages creates the primary driver of your income.

Passive income is a high powered side effect of digital creation. As a seller, you are presenting your content as a billboard of sorts for Google or other advertisers to place their content alongside your own in the margins or between paragraph breaks. This relationship lives on whether you continue to produce at a rapid pace, take a few weeks off to go on a vacation, or change careers altogether and abandon the creative process that you started. In the event of a career change, your digital content offers another unique income opportunity as well. You can buy and sell IPv4 addresses securely and easily these days, meaning that both your content and the digital address that it exists upon are valuable commodities. Instead of banking what may amount to a trickle or riverine flow of passive income, you can sell the site for a lump sum payout an order of magnitude larger. Buyers line up for great sites and boutique content that has already built up a reliable following. The product of your mind is valuable and commodifiable.

Always remember to look your best.



From a cover letter to your real fashion sense, even if you spend your days working from behind a screen at your kitchen table, always putting your best foot forward is an essential part of creating versatility in your life and building a success story. Investing in yourself and your wardrobe by taking advantage of final sale prices and outlet shopping like that at White House Black Market is a great way to treat yourself while sticking to a budget. Your content needs your added personal touch no matter what industry you choose to make your mark on through a digital lens.

Taking care of your image is important in order to always look and feel your best. This translates directly into your work and gives you a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment at the end of every long day of content creation or data analysis. The technological world is a fascinating one and offers countless possibilities to critical thinkers who are willing to dive in head first. Find your niche and don’t look back.


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