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Jerrycan Bag: A Better Way to Carry Water & Fuel

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Want to help the children in Africa stay safe while on the road? Back the Jerrycan Bag campaign and get a Safe Backpack for your own, too. Made with reflector patches and reflective material, these bags can make pedestrians more visible and, thus, safer while sharing the road with cars.



  • Waterproof
  • Durable and light
  • Every pledge is equal to 1 Jerrybag
  • Hard to miss


  • May be too big for shorter people

Just last year, Jerrybag (Jerryway Inc.) launched its “Pledge and Save” campaign on Kickstarter where for every pledge a backer makes, the company will provide 1 Jerrycan bag to a child in Uganda. Raising US$31,036 of funding, the project was a success, and the company was able to donate 509 bags. Why does this matter? Well, such bags can help Ugandan children carry jerrycans safer and more comfortably. 

Following its success, Jerrybag is again knocking on the hearts of supporters as it launches its Pledge & Save Part 2 campaign. Just like the first one, the company will be giving one bag to a child in Africa for every pledge it receives. But this time, instead of getting a water bottle, backers will receive a Jerrycan Safe Backpack. Both bags – for children and backers – have added features to ensure pedestrian safety. What are these features, and what can you expect from backing this project? Find out here. 


The Pledge and Save campaign started with a single purpose: to help the children of Uganda who have to travel as far as 6 km for 2 hours every day just to make sure they have enough water to drink. These children often carry jerrycans that can weigh as much as 10 kg, putting a burden on their joints and affecting their growth. Now, to help them, Jerrybag created backpacks that can hold such heavy containers. This way, they will be easier and safer to carry. 

As the bags were given away, Jerrybag observed another problem: the roads were unsafe for children. Many of those who were given Jerrycan Bags had to share the road with cars while fetching water or going to or from school. But since there are very few road signs to help pedestrians in the Ugandan countryside, drivers may fail to see these children, which may then result in accidents. 

Unfortunately, pedestrian safety is a problem in other parts of the world, too. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the U.S, pedestrian injuries and fatalities remain high with 6,516 pedestrians killed in 2020 and an estimated 55,000 individuals injured nationwide. In Australia, pedestrians account for 13% of all road fatalities and approximately 270,000 (22%) of fatalities worldwide every year. That said, pedestrians will always be at risk of accidents – in Africa, the US, here in the Land Down Under, or anywhere in the world. 

To help reduce the rate of pedestrian accidents, Jerrybag created the Jerrycan Safe Backpack for its backers and upgraded the design of its Jerrycan Bag for children in Africa. Both bags use reflector patches and reflective material to keep pedestrians visible when it is dark. They also have mini traffic signs that drivers can easily see.

This Jerrybag campaign is similar to Vessel’s Buy a Bag, Give a Bag initiative, but only cheaper. Unlike in Vessel, you don’t have to spend more than US$100 to get a bag and donate another. When you catch the project on Kickstarter, you’ll only need to pay US$48 or US$63, depending on how quickly you make a pledge. At these prices, you will be receiving a Jerrycan Safe Backpack, a 30mL Jerrycan water bottle, and a custom tape, while one child in Africa will get a donation bag. 


Traffic Sign Design Motif

The most notable feature of the backpack you will receive as a backer is its design concept, which is inspired by traffic signs. This is perfect since it will be immediately recognized by drivers and it’s quite hard to miss. 

Light-Reflecting Material 

The front and sides of the backpack are made with a light-reflecting material. As a safety bag, this is an important feature as it increases your visibility during nighttime. 

Plenty of Space

With the Jerrycan Bag, you can easily put in a water bottle, smartphone, headphones, notebook, and all your personal items. It’s also big enough to fit a 15-inch laptop. For additional space, it has pockets on the front, sides, and inside. 


For more convenience, the Jerrycan Bag can easily stand on its own. This way, you’ll have no problem putting it down wherever and whenever. 


Weight 400g
Main Material PE tarpaulin
Light-Reflecting Material
  • DIN EN 13356
  • KS T3507-2019 Light-reflecting test approved
Dimension 310mm x 140mm x 390mm

The Jerrycan Bag is made of PE tarpaulin or also called “tarp”. It is lightweight yet incredibly durable, which is why it’s commonly used as a construction material across the world. This also makes it 100% waterproof, so it won’t have any problem protecting your belongings when raining. 

Take note that this is a rather big bag. So if you’re shorter than 168cm, you may find it too big and uncomfortable for you to carry. 


The Jerrycan Bag is available in four varieties: Stop bag, Yield Bag, Slow Down Bag, and Stop War Bag. From their names, the Stop Bag is white with black handles and straps and features the “Stop” traffic sign, while the Yield Bag is black with white handles and straps and shows the “Yield” sign. There’s also the Slow Down Bag, which is made in Uganda and designed for African children. It’s blue with the “Slow Down” sign front and center. 

On the other hand, the Stop War Bag is the company’s special design and call for peace in Ukraine. It’s a limited-edition bag, carrying the colors of the nation’s flag. Once funded, their counterparts will be donated to the children of Ukraine. 

All Jerrycan Bags have that distinct rugged look. They can be used as a backpack or a tote bag, whichever one you prefer. You also have the option to decorate and design your bag with the custom tape that’s included in every reward pack. You will receive a tiny 30mL yellow Jerrycan bottle as an extra and use it however you want. 

Final Thoughts

One thing you have to know about the material used in the Jerrycan Bag is that it’s cheap – and it shows. It’s not the most luxurious and elegant-looking bag out there, but it can certainly serve its purpose. It can store a lot and keep your belongings protected. As a bonus, it can help keep you safe while on the road. 

What’s really special about this project is that you have the chance to help one child in Africa (or Ukraine). At the same time, you are also helping Ugandan women make some living since they are the ones producing the bags, specifically the Slow Down Bags. Sure, this isn’t the fanciest or most stylish bag out there. But it is the one that will allow you to give new hope to children in Uganda – and nothing beats that. 


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