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Jerrycan Water Bottle: Function and Form

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Jerrycans are one of the oldest types of containers, dating as far back as World War 2. It has a very distinct look, which has been carried on till today and is still widely used for fuel and water. But with the Jerrycan Eco Water Bottle, this popular liquid container takes on a different form – and purpose.


The Jerrycan Water Bottle is a cool and rugged-looking water bottle that’s perfect for working out, camping, going around the city, and other daily or outdoor activities. It is safe, hygienic, durable, and eco-friendly. But more importantly, it represents a deeper meaning and a mission to help protect the children in Uganda.



  • Every pledge is equal to 1 Jerrybag
  • Cool and rugged design
  • Eco-friendly and BPA-free
  • Comes with 2 bottles


  • Small water capacity (400mL)
  • Pricey


The Jerrycan Eco Water Bottle is a campaign that’s about to be launched on Kickstarter. It’s a project from Jerrybag – the same company that brought the successful Shield and Slim Shield backpacks, which received a combined total of US$34,928 of funding on the same crowdfunding platform. But diverting away from its last two campaigns, Jerrybag is now aiming to support African children and women through its handy and creative Jerrycan Water Bottle. How? Let’s find out here.

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Nowadays, jerrycans are common in almost every garage. They are also standard containers for fuel and other liquids in the armies. For some parts of the world, however, people depend on them with their lives. To be specific, jerrycans have become daily necessities in some parts of Africa with every household using them to carry drinkable and essential water.

See, even in this modern age, there are still communities with no access to immediate and safe managed sources of water. In rural Africa, children are still taking long and dangerous trips to and from a well just to bring home some water. Some even have to walk 6 kilometers every day to cover this basic need!

So to help ease this serious problem, Jerrybag created the Jerrycan Eco Water Bottle campaign wherein for every pledge a backer makes, 1 Jerrybag will be given to a Ugandan child. What’s a Jerrybag? It’s a backpack designed for young African children to carry water-filled jerrycans safer, easier, and more effectively. It’s for children younger than 10-years-old and is produced by women in Uganda.

In terms of price, the Jerrycan Bottle is a bit expensive, especially since you can buy quality water bottles for only US$10. Priced at US$49 for Basic Backers and US$35 for Early Bird Backers, it almost costs the same as some 5-gallon water containers with the same design, such as the Scepter True Military Water Container. It’s also a lot more expensive than the Hip Flask on Amazon, which has the same jerry can shape.

For these prices, however, you’ll not only get 1 but 2 bottles of Jerrycans (400mL and 800mL). Also, included in the package are a carabiner, reflector hand strap, and antibacterial custom stickers. So it’s really not that bad.



The Jerrycan Water Bottles have an ergonomic design, which makes them easier to carry with one hand. The 400mL bottle, for example, is very slim with less than 20mm (0.8in) width. So it’s comfortable to carry around even for children. On the other hand, the 800mL bottle is made with a slightly sunken front and back with a better grip at the edges.


Another thing we like about the Jerrycan Water Bottles is its portability. This is an important feature so you’d always have access to clean drinking water wherever you go. For walking around the city or going to work/school, you can take the smaller bottle (400mL). It’s so small and compact that it can fit inside your pockets.

For working out, camping, traveling, walking around, or any activity that requires you to drink more water, the 800mL is the perfect companion. Just hang it on your bag with the carabiner or put it inside, and you’re good to go.

Phone Mount

The space between the bottle cap and the handle can be used as a phone mount. Not only does it add functionality, but it also elevates your convenience. For instance, you can use it for taking photos or videos when you’re alone. You can also use it when following steps or routines on YouTube. Or you can use it as a stand when watching videos, movies, or even join calls and meetings.

Antibacterial Sticker Pack

As mentioned, you’ll receive an antibacterial sticker pack with your Jerrycan Water Bottles. For someone who enjoys customizing their bottles and wants to make them look like their own, this is perfect.

Product Detail

  • Bottle: ECOZEN
  • Cap: PCR
Dimensions 105 x 70 x 168 mm
  • 800mL (27oz)
  • 400mL (13.5oz)
  • Yellow
  • Khaki
  • Transparent

What’s different about the Jerrycan Water Bottles is that their bodies are made from ECOZEN, which is the world’s first synthetic plastic made of biomass. It’s produced from the extract of grains like wheat and corn and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This material is light yet strong and durable, hygienic, harmless, and BPA-free. It also has no stains and odors.

Additionally, the bottle caps are made of PCR (Pre/Post-Consumer Resin), which is an upcycled material made by washing and recycling discarded PET bottles. So if want to help the environment, here’s an eco-friendly option. Using reusable bottles is also more ideal than buying single-use water bottles since you can make fewer wastes.


One of the things we like about the Jerrycan water bottle is its design. Using the same narrow and flat sides, this water bottle looks just like a mini jerrycan. It’s cool and a little rugged, which makes it perfect anywhere and for anything. This design will also remind you of the jerrycans in Africa and what they represent.

We also like that it’s available in multiple colors. You can choose from yellow, khaki, or even transparent.

Final Thought

By supporting the Jerrywater Eco Water Bottle, you are not only getting a cool-looking water bottle but you are also helping children carry heavy jerrycans more conveniently while at the same time helping Ugandan women make some living. While it isn’t the fanciest or smartest water bottle you can buy, it will be the one with the most meaning. Sure, for something so simple, it isn’t cheap. But it does give you a chance to help others – and you can’t put a price on that.


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