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Kanye West is Designing a ‘Foam’ Concept Car to be Created by His Company, Donda

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Article Summary
  • Kanye West is designing a “foam concept car” called the Donda Foam Vehicle.
  • Steven Smith will be the Head of Industrial Design of Donda.
  • Kanye West and Elon Musk remained close friends as the two were spotted going to each other’s events.

Kanye West went from being a producer to a musician and many more. With the success of different ventures like Yeezy, the artists could venture into something more complicated for his company, Donda, the “Donda Foam Vehicle.”

Designing clothes is one thing but designing a car, that’s something on a whole different level. Aside from thinking about the style, designers have to also take into account functionality.

The key to a good car design is being functional at the same time. Whether it is built for speed or comfort, most car designs come with their own use cases.

Kanye West Could be Venturing Into the Automobile Industry with the Designing of the Donda Foam Vehicle

Kanye West is no stranger to challenging things as seen in his recent attempt to run for president. Now, it seems like he’ll be venturing into the car industry as well with the Donda Foam Vehicle.

Donda’s Head of Industrial Design will be Steven Smith, who has worked with the likes of Nike, New Balance, FILA, and Reebok, and was executive director of the Adidas Yeezy line. The problem is that Smith also has no experience in the car industry as well.

Although not much is known regarding the upcoming car concept, teasers of the car concept have already started circulating. The teaser is divided into two images with text.

The first image reads “Donda Foam Vehicle… Conceptualize… Designed… Manufactured… In the United States… Amen,” while the second one reads “Steven Smith with 37 Years of Experience in Sporting Goods, Footwear, Military Electronics and Apparel Design is Appointed Head of Donda Industrial Design.”

Smith has worked in the footwear industry ever since the 1980s.

Is the Donda Foam Vehicle a Joke or Does It Have Potential to Actualize?

The image was described as an “unexpected love child between a lunar rover and sneaker.”

Despite this seeming like something that might never happen, this is actually still within the realm of possibility. People should remember that both Kanye West and Elon Musk are friends and Donda’s car could be built by Tesla.

Kanye West and Elon Musk have been spotted on many occasions together as the Tesla CEO would come to Kanye West’s concerts and West would tour SpaceX and even visit Musk’s home. There’s really no telling, however, when or if the concept will actualize in the future.

As of press time, all that’s visible is a sillhouette of the car and some text describing it. When it comes to how the car actually looks like and how much “foam” buyers might expect, however, this remains to be seen when the actual design is revealed.


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