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KIMBLADE Nano Review

In 2018, KIMBLADE Inc. launched a widely successful wiper blade project through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. By the end of its campaign, it received an impressive US$395,000, making it the most crowdfunded wiper in the world. Now, the same company is at it again with its new and improved KIMBLADE NANO. This is the company’s 3rd generation wiper blades which promises more durability, strength, and so much more. 
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Kimblade Nano Quick Review
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While often overlooked, wiper blades are crucial in driving. They provide you with the visibility you need to stay safe on the road. And if you are in search of a new one that is quiet, performs well, lasts long, and helps repel water all while being eco-friendly at the same time, then the KIMBLADE NANO is a perfect choice.



  • Comes with a cleaning and treatment bundle
  • Lasts longer than regular wiper blades
  • Water-repellent


  • Premium cost

The KIMBLADE NANO is a self-applying water-repellent silicone wiper blade. So how exactly is it different from the company’s original wiper blades? More importantly, is it worth trying out? Let’s find out with this review. Short in time? Click on any of the links below to skip to that section.


While the first generation KIMBLADE Wiper Blade was a massive success, some backers were not fully satisfied with the product. A few issues came up, which can be summarized in the following:

  1. The incorrect size and incorrect delivery
  2. Product performance deterioration
  3. Wiper silicone durability

To address these issues, the company came up with the KIMBLADE NANO. It is an upgraded version of the first-gen blade as it now has CNT (carbon nanotube) added to the silicone. This is a huge improvement since this material can enhance the strength and durability of the wiper. The company developed a cleaner and treatment bundle too, which helps extend the product’s lifespan by making sure the windshield remains in the best condition.

KIMBLADE Inc. also signed a contract with FedEx to ensure the fast and safe delivery of their products. Furthermore, they added a “Wiper Finder” feature on their website to help customers get the wipers they need.

The downside, however, is KIMBLADE’s high cost. With an original price of $113 for a set (with cleaner and treatment and refills) or US$63 for a pair, it’s a little more expensive compared to other wiper blades today like and Bosch ICON 26A . It’s even pricier than the already expensive .

If you want to experience KIMBLADE NANO without the extra cost, make sure to catch it on Kickstarter. Instead of US$113, you can buy the set for only US$61 or US$65. This already includes a pair of wiper blades, a pair of refills, and a set of windshield cleaner and treatment.

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KIMBLADE NANO has many great features. But let’s focus on the 3 major things the company upgraded with this particular wiper blade model.

1. Restructuring

Considering the different angles between the glass and the wiper arm of each vehicle, the company came up with a blade with a flexible design. This allows KIMBLADE NANO to be compatible with almost any vehicle. Furthermore, this helps reduce vibration and noise when the product is in use. If you’re among the first-gen backers who noticed some squeaking or screeching sound on your wipers, then you’d love this new version.

2. Materials

The most notable feature of KIMBLADE NANO compared to the previous model is the application of CNT. In particular, this material is used at the tip of the blade, which is directly in contact with the glass and responsible for clearing rain and water. The addition of CNT helps form a coating film on the glass surface and ensures smooth operation. Furthermore, it helps minimize tearing due to foreign substances. So as a result, you’ll have a more durable wiper blade that you can use for a very long time.

3. Cleaner and Treatment for Windshield

A first for the company, KIMBLADE developed a cleaner and treatment solution for your windshield. Based on the company’s R&D, a wiper’s performance and lifespan are greatly affected by the condition of the windshield and/or the cleaning agent used. So the noise, vibration, and even the blurring may not be because you have a faulty wiper. Instead, you may just be using the wrong materials to clean your windshield or you may not be cleaning it at all.

To address this, KIMBLADE made its cleaning and treatment bundle. The NANO cleaner, which has ceramic material, can remove contaminants even from the tiniest cracks in a glass. On the other hand, the NANO treatment solution has graphene, which makes the glass more transparent. This material also coats the fine tracks where the contaminants were removed, creating a more water-repellent surface.

So with the KIMBLADE NANO cleaner and treatment products, you can be free of some wiper-related issues, extend your wiper’s lifespan, and create a long-lasting water-repellency for your windshield without using any other product.

Kimblade on car


Material CNT reinforced silicone, TPE, Zn alloy, SK5 carbon steel, stainless spring
Weight 0.24 lb – 0.49 lb (110g – 224g)
Profile Blade Rectangular profile blade

Obviously, a lot of thought has been put into the KIMBLADE NANO’s materials. The SK5 carbon steel, for instance, is flexible and allows even pressure distribution even after a long time of use. The product’s dual silicones with reinforced CNT also ensures smooth and strong cleaning operation. Furthermore, its multiple claws guarantee an average pressure on every point of the wiper, helping you achieve a clear windshield every time.

Self-proclaimed as the “World’s first rectangular profile blade”, KIMBLADE NANO uses 4-bar linkage technology. This allows the product to effectively remove oil and grease on the glass while producing a smooth and spotless window surface. So you’ll always have a clear view no matter what.


From the original to the new version, KIMBLADE always had a sleek look for a wiper blade. Adding color to the strips is also a great touch as it gives owners a chance to accentuate their cars. Furthermore, its design is convenient and allows you to save money in the long run since you don’t have to buy a new wiper every time the silicone wears down. All you need is a new strip of refills, slide it in, and you’re ready to go.

Final Thoughts

With its design, materials, and water-repellent substances, KIMBLADE NANO can quickly and instantly clean your windshield. Thus, providing you with clear visibility even during pouring rain. It is highly stable and reliable even when exposed to elements, including strong sunlight or freezing weather.

Overall, we are very impressed with all the improvements on the KIMBLADE NANO, from the product itself to the logistics. While we already think the first-gen was pretty good, this model is even better. It is more durable, long-lasting, quiet, and able to maximize water-repellency. So while it isn’t the most affordable wiper blade in the market, it sure is highly worth it.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

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