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LANQ PCDock: A Connectivity Hub Re-Imagined

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If you’re looking to saving your money on a motherboard that doesn’t include a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module, the LANQ PCDock has you covered.

The LANQ lineup comes in two versions: the Standard, Pro, and Pro Max. Both the Pro and Pro Max will get you additional features such as LED lighting for that nice finish plus wireless charging.

Delivering High-Speed Connectivity

If your current PC build doesn’t have an included WiFi and Bluetooth adapter, the Standard LANQ PCDock has you covered. This palm-sized hub houses 2 USB-A and USB-C 3.2 ports which support a 5Gbps transfer rate plus 15W single-port fast charging.

You also get a dual-band 1,200Mbps 2.4G and 5.8G WiFi module bringing your networks to higher speeds and streaming your favourite games won’t be a hassle as well as mobile hotspot sharing for your other wireless devices.

The Bluetooth module is supported by Qualcomm AptX Audio for your wireless headset support plus long transmission distances up to 20m. You can link up to 10 devices with its built-in 5-7DBI high-gain antenna.

Fingerprint Scanner For Added Security

You don’t need to enter your password as LANQ has Windows Hello Fingerprint ID support which will handle your security and it will only take you 0.15 seconds to log-in to your workstation.

Just install the necessary drivers of your LANQ model on the website and you’re good to go.

Pro Features RGB LED Lighting and Wireless Charging

If you want a more spacious workstation it’s best to get the LANQ PCDock Pro monitor stand. This elevated stand has enough space to stow away your keyboard.

You will also get additional features such as a 15W wireless fast-charging pad and customizable RGB LED lighting which can be controlled via its included remote.

You can get the LANQ PCDock Pro monitor stand at an early bird price of $151 or the Pro Max at $198 if you’re gunning for a dual-monitor setup.

If you’re on a tighter budget, you can also get the PCDock Standard which only includes everything minus the RGB lighting, wireless charging and monitor stand for only $99.

Regardless of what your budget is in getting a quality upgrade, the LANQ lineup has you covered in Indiegogo.


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