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League of Legends Patch 11.2 Packs More Skins and TFT Updates

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With the recent release of Patch 11.1 just a few days ago, League of Legends continues its slew of updates with 11.2 highlights on its Public Beta Environment (PBE) with features on the latest set of Ruined and Shan Hai Scroll skins.

In the last 11.1 patch, additional skins and chromas were introduced for Kalista, Kled, and Xin Zhao for the Marauder series while Gragas and Quinn are getting the Warden skin series.

Additionally, we’ll be getting updates on the upcoming Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Fates 2: Festival of Beasts PBE testing.

Next Updates Will Showcase Seven Skins And More Balance Updates

League champions Draven, Karma, Shyvana will get their own Ruined skins while Cho’Gath, Jhin, Nautilus and Neeko will be getting the Shan Hai Scrolls skins and chromas as per Surrender at 20.

We are also getting some VFX previews on Shyvana and Karma posted by their Visual Effects and Lead Artist Oliver McDonald over at Twitter.


All previewed skins will be priced at 1,350 Riot Points (RP) or around $10 per skin. 

Gameplay design director Mark Yetter also gave League of Legends fans a preview on what’s in store on the next patches which would focus more on adding improvements for tanks and supports.

Some Champions And Items Are Getting Nerfed In Latest TFT Tests

In another compiled update from Surrender at 20, we’ve noticed some notable changes in the upcoming patch for TFT. 

The only champions that are getting buffed so far in the updates are Nasus getting an armor boost of 50 from the previous 40 and Rakan with increased Disarm radius and duration of up to 4 seconds.

Items such as Hand of Justice and Zeke’s Herald are getting a 5% reduction while Chalice of Power only gets 30 bonus spell power instead of the usual 35.

This year is going to be another great year for gaming as Riot Games continues to provide fans with more updates to keep the League of Legends community alive.


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