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Live Your Racing Dreams With The RS30 Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

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Always wanted to enhance your driving experience? Take a look at this RS30 sim wheel and pedal expertly designed by a professional racer.

This racing simulator rig is officially licensed by Microsoft. We’ll take a look on what to expect with this beast. This rig currently supports the Xbox One, Series X and Series S.

If you want to play this on the PC, the wheel only supports Forza for now but the team is working on a PC driver and they plan to release it soon.

A Force Feedback Wheel To Be Reckoned With

If you want that authentic experience on what it feels like to drive a real car, this is a must for racing enthusiasts. The dual-motor, force feedback racing wheel will keep your adrenaline high, letting you experience pro-grade racing simulation when your turning around corners in the circuits.

The current build of the RS30 Ultra Wheel delivers three times stronger force feedback compared to its competitors. This wheel also offers dual-rotation options:

  • 900 degrees for that realistic racing experience
  • 270 degress if you prefer the casual arcade racing experience

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Less Noise With Helical Gears

Compared to spur gears that are usually noisy when cars are on high speed, one of the strong selling points of the RS30 Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel is its helical gears.

These helical gears are situated at an angle and take the shape of a helix and it’s designed to keep your wheels quieter when driving at medium to high speeds.

You’ll get to feel the vibrations steering on uneven terrain, taking apexes, drifting and more. The anti-backlash tensioning also keeps the wheel and pedals intact, maximizing your control.

Premium Steel Pedals With Progressive Brake Feel

Its stainless steel pedals are designed with spring suspension for that added realism when braking and throttling a car.

Not to mention that these pedals are fully adjustable to match your racing style.

This wheel also gives you an option to race using a Zanardi-inspired design that allows you to race without using your feet on the pedals. Alex Zanardi was a pro-racer who lost his legs in a crash in 2001.

As of this writing, the RS30 Sim Wheel and Pedal has almost 100 backers with $40,000 which is over their $10,000 flexible goal.

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You can get this premium racing rig at an early bird price of $389 as it prepares to ship this coming May 2021.


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