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Logitech Computer Accessories: Introducing the MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard

Logitech’s computer accessories are known in the gaming and professional world alike. Although previous models might have focused a little too much on flash, RGB, and style, the new MX Mechanical Mini keyboards are designed to do the polar opposite.
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  • The Logitech’s MX Mechanical Mini keyboard differs from most mechanical keyboards in design, customization options, and switches.
  • The MX Mechanical Mini offers no RGB colors for its LED lights.
  • The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini keyboard can last up to 10 months with the lights off.

Instead of flashy, Logitech aims to take a more functional and practical approach with its MX Mechanical Mini keyboards by being “aggressively functional.” The $149.99 USD MX Mechanical Mini eliminates the use of flashy designs, RGB lighting, and colorful keycaps and focuses on the bare essentials.

Most people think of gaming when they hear the company “Logitech” but with the new MX Mechanical Mini, it seems like the company is trying to branch out to other users that aren’t into the flash, customization, and all the bells and whistles that come with most mechanical keyboards.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard Specs

When talking about the specs, the MX Mechanical Mini lags behind in no way as the compact 75% layout focuses on battery life, pairing, and a straightforward approach. The keyboard comes in a muted two-tone design with an 8-degree angle tilt option.

The good news is Logitech won’t be removing the lights on the MX Mechanical Mini but rather tone them down to a plain white LED. Although the flash is customizable, you won’t be able to play around with any RGB colors.

The switches are also shorter making them similar to a laptop-style scissor-switch instead of the regular full-height switches like those found on the MX Keys and other keyboards on Logitech’s Master series.

The keys come in just three different options; tactile brown, clicky blues, and linear red with no other options to choose from. For those into key customization, you might be a bit disappointed with the MX Mechanical Mini due to its switches not being hot-swappable.

Target Users for the MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard

Due to its lack of design and customizing options, it might not be the perfect keyboard for enthusiasts which is fine since Logitech seems to have an entirely new audience for its MX Mechanical Mini keyboard.

With a 15-day battery life for “light on” mode and 10-month battery life for “light off” mode (almost a full year), the MX Mechanical Mini targets practical users that don’t mind the lack of flash. Since it lasts almost a year, the keyboard is an ideal computer accessory when traveling the world or working remotely.

With the increase in flexible work, Logitech seems to be targetting the majority of users that don’t need to go to the office. The flexibility and battery life that the MX Mechanical Mini provides makes it an ideal travel companion for users on the go.


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