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M1 Mac Mini Has Taken Over The Japanese Market By Storm

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Ever since Apple released the first Apple Silicon M1 chips for their new line of Macbooks and Mac minis, it looks like it has drastically gained popularity in Japan.

According to data from Japanese analysis firm BCN Retail uncovered by Apple Insider, the M1-equipped Mac mini has pushed Apple to the number one spot in the desktop PC market 2 weeks after its launch.

From August until the second week of November, it was observed that Apple’s volume share in Japan’s desktop PC market remained around 15%. Latest reports now show Apple’s share at 27.1%, overtaking Lenovo and the rest of the competition.

Apple set to break records once again

In their 2020 fourth quarter earnings report that ended on September 26, 2020, the company posted a record quarter revenue of $64.7 billion with International sales contributing to 59% of the quarter’s revenue.

In addition, their board of directors also declared a cash dividend of $0.205 per share of Apple’s common stock which was payable on November 12, 2020.

With the M1 Mac Mini dominating the Japanese market, it may be poised to set another record in their next quarter report this coming 2021 especially with the holidays just around the corner.

What makes the M1 chip so special?

In the previous iterations of the Mac, you needed to do some tinkering to make it faster especially if you’re working with heavy applications. However, with the new line up that Apple has released, it looks like they have placed themselves back on top in the tech category.

If you look for performance tests on YouTube, you will see how much potential the new Apple Silicon chips has to offer. In fact, it can even beat an Intel i7 Mac Mini by a huge performance margin.

Additionally, it can even run games smoothly such as Fortnite or Tomb Raider as reviewed by Created Labs over on YouTube. With the starting $699 price tag on the Mac Mini base model, it may be worth looking at.

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