Main Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Door Phone

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A door phone is used to inform the house occupants visitors are arriving without any physical interaction. Door phones are usually placed at the gate entrance of a building, on a fence, or at the door.

Door phones make a significant difference when it comes to convenience and security. There are various types and kinds of door phones available on the market. The design of some is as simple as a button and a speaker. Others come with a built-in camera, speaker, keypads, fingerprint scanners, or cards.

The more modern versions of door phones allow access to only certain authorized users. Moreover, they can be integrated with all the house’s other systems via Bluetooth or a particular app. A simple configuration can often make the door phone a significant part of your smart home automation system.

It should go without saying that every house needs a proper door phone. However, if you have doubts, here are a couple of reasons you should invest in such a system.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Have you ever thought of opening your door by picking up your phone? Nowadays, some modern door phone systems allow their users to control and access the door entrance entirely and conveniently from their cell phones.

All the visitors have to do is press the door phone to make a call, as they would do with a bell. The only difference, or rather convenience, is that once pushed, the door phone will send the doorbell signal to an operator or receptionist, who can reply by solely picking up the phone. If you are looking for a smart system like that, you could head to websites such as https://www.yeastar.com/.

Imagine someone you don’t wish to see comes to your door. There is no need to interact with the person. All you do is don’t answer the phone call. There is no need for awkward excuses for why you don’t want to let that person in.

Increased Security

Almost every house owner is preoccupied with their home’s security. It is only natural that you want to make your home the safest space possible. A well-designed door phone system can surely help with that.

Video door phones enable the house owners’ smart surveillance of the nearby area. Most of them are equipped with various security systems, motion sensors, security systems, and viewing apps. As mentioned before, some of them can be controlled by your mobile phone 24/7.

Indeed, the modern door phone systems should help you keep secure from all suspicious passers-by, whether physically present at home or not.

Some of the systems come with the option of establishing a multi-apartment outdoor safety, as they come with a particular unit featuring an expansive display of the outdoor area. The devices often have weatherproof electronics to work properly in any weather conditions. The systems are also provided with smart receivers.

Crime Reduction

If a burglar decides to rob your house, he might change his mind after seeing the door phone with a built-in camera. The system is transparent for the passers-by to see and, therefore, scare any possible robbers off.

Moreover, if you see someone you don’t know acting suspiciously in front of your house, the video door phone is a great alerting system. It allows you to monitor the person’s behaviour and take any precautions on time. A door phone should not stand in place of an anti-theft system. It should only serve as an additional improvement.

You need to remember that the door phone’s camera will not save you from a potential robbery on its own. However, it will record the intruder’s face, reducing your need to describe the person to the police. The chances of catching a criminal whose face has been recorded increase significantly compared to when there is no information about the thief at all.


No matter the type, door phones make life much easier and more convenient. There are various types available, and different kinds offer different features.

There are simple door phones that only let the visitors communicate with the house owners in a non-physical way, but there are also door phones that include cameras, fingerprint scanners, or cards.

The modern door phone systems contribute to your overall convenience of living, as they allow you to open the house door anytime, anywhere, by simply answering a phone call.

Moreover, the models with a built-in camera increase to your house’s safety and security.

They let you keep an eye on the entrance’s nearby area and monitor any suspicious activity. On top of that, they should serve as a deterrent for any potential thieves and robbers.

If you don’t yet own a door phone, you should equip yourself and your house with one.


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