Man care essentials you need on a vacation

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Do you want to have a manly vacation? A manly-man one? Put that ax down, my fellow barbarian. Those times are over (sad uga-buga noises). If you want to truly enjoy the vacation, you will need to bring some essentials for man care. Vacation is no excuse to look your worst.

So, let’s see what you will need. We’ll take the minimalistic approach, we swear. Just the necessities. You can even make a list of this article and cross the items as you pack them.

Man care essentials to bring on vacation

Of course, we neatly assumed you are going on a casual summer vacation. Not drinking 5 o’clock tea with the Royal family or playing golf with whoever is the current president of the United States. So, we divided the essentials into three parts.

Clothing essentials

Men and women have quite different views on what clothes are “essential” to bring into the vacation. That’s why men carry one briefcase instead of 10. Anyway, any men, cavemen, or modern yuppie, will need these:

  • Underwear and socks – probably will take the most of your luggage. If you are not traveling anywhere too exotic or too pricey, you can always buy them at the destination.
  • Shirts – ranging from everyday T-shirts to fancier polo shirts. Add few formal shirts for semi-casual or elegant events.
  • Linen trousers – perfect for the summer days. Elegant enough for most occasions, yet so airy and light you won’t even feel wearing them.
  • Quality leather belt(s) – and make sure it pairs with your shoes and wristwatch. Avoid faux leather or similar nonsense that reacts poorly with salty water and heat.
  • Decent sunglasses – will save you a lot of headaches in the summer days. Also, they will save your eyesight from the cheap sunglasses sold in gas stations.
  • Leather or sports sandals – for long beach walks. You will probably end up barefoot anyway. Flip-flops are also optional.
  • Sleepwear – we’ll skip it this time. Sleep in your boxers or naked. Be one with nature and save some space in your luggage.

Grooming essentials

Vacation is no excuse to look like a hobo. If you have someone special, that someone will make you take care of yourself. If you are solo, you will remain that way unless you look the best you can. Pack:

  • Dental care – toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Luckily, nowadays you have those little travel packages available everywhere.
  • Deodorant/antiperspirant and your favorite perfume/cologne. On hot days, less is more.
  • Sunscreen – never go out without a protective layer. Your skin will appreciate it when you are older. Even the weak sun can damage your skin.
  • Haircare – hair pomade for men, to tame your hair and make it look fresh and hydrated even on the hottest days. Add a comb and a brush to the list. Ignore this advice if you look like Jean-Luc Picard.
  • Facial hair – razor/shaving machine and aftershave. Beard wax and oil are also optional. Or visit a barber while on vacation and save some space in the suitcase.
  • Toiletry bag – for keeping all the grooming essentials in one place.

Accessories essentials

Well, this is a tricky one, so we’ll stick to what we know about men as a species aka what would most of the men need on travel.

    • Powerbank – the bigger, the better. Welcome to the future. Being without your smartphone for even a couple of minutes has become unbearable. Also will save your battery on long waits at the airports.
    • Travel charger – and a fast-charging one. If you are going abroad, get a universal travel charger.
    • Mini wallet/cardholder – because ginormous wallets don’t fit in your beach shorts. Make sure it has RFID protection. Also, make sure you bring enough cash because street vendors and beach sellers rarely accept Visas.
  • Headphones – go with the smaller ones. Perfect for a cozy beach day, morning jogging, or endless waiting at the airport. Everybody hates that guy that blasts his oversized Bluetooth speakers on the beach.
  • Waist bag – will deduce some points from Style, but add a ton to Practicality. Waist bags can fit your cellphone, wallet, keys, and documents with no fuss. Useful for nature exploring, beach or day trips.
  • Anti-theft backpack – to put all these things inside. And no, you won’t look like a child on a field trip. Backpacks come in all shapes and colors nowadays, so you can choose your perfect elegant fit. And never worry about getting pickpocketed inside a bus or on a crowded market.

Short conclusion

To be honest, we could have written at least 50 more items for you to carry. But then it wouldn’t be called the essentials, right? We have left cellphones, tablets, and laptops out of the list, because a)it is a vacation and b) you will be carrying them no matter what or where. Survival kits, camping knives, and raft-building manuals are also out of the question.

Our article included only the essentials, meaning the basic items every man will need on the vacation.

Pack on time, make a list and don’t worry too much even if you forget something. Well, except the passport-money-phone trinity. Everything else is replaceable.



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