How to Manage International Clients with cNumber?

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As digitisation hits the business sector, more and more industries are jumping on the bandwagon to expand their operations. A major change here has been the adoption of calling 0330 number, provided to businesses by cNumber. 0330 numbers are basically the non-geographical numbers that have the calling rates that are the same as landline numbers.

For long, landline numbers have been limited to a certain region or locality. This leads to varying call rates if customers from different regions connect with the business. On the other hand, the 0330 numbers are region-independent. Meaning that businesses can effectively use it as their central number without being tied to any specific region.

What’s best about calling 0330 numbers is that they do not charge you more than your local landline phones. For any customer outside the UK to connect with your business in the UK, all they have to do is omit the first zero and append the country code as the prefix.
Simple right?

Looking for a service provider?

cNumber is a reliable and trustworthy phone number service provider in the UK. With tons of features and added benefits, cNumber gives you the ease to take your business beyond borders. From call forwarding to call transferring, automated responding, and others, cNumber encompasses all.

How can you manage clients with cNumber?

Collaborating with cNumber or buying one of the virtual phone numbers gives you the ease to grow. Put simply, cNumber hosts a variety of cloud-based numbers with multifunctional attributes. Each of these is designed to meet the needs of business communication.
What sets them apart is the expanse of features offered by them. This in a way helps you manage your national as well as international clients with ease. As so it appears, it is communication between teams that determine productivity. Often, customers are worried about collaborating overseas due to communication barriers.

When you have to call 0330 numbers, neither you nor your customers will have to worry about communication.

Wondering how?

Exceptional Call Quality

The first thing that every customer wants is an uninterrupted communication. Imagine a customer talking to the customer support team but the call keeps disconnecting or there a lot of network issues. Would the user stay on the call for a long time?

In fact, this would stand still even if your customers are local to your region. Every user wants a flawless experience when connecting with the business. cNumber offers one of the best calling services. Whether in the UK or outside the boundaries, the call quality would never suffer.

Ease of Call Forwarding

Working with businesses overseas, one needs to consider multiple things. One of these is the working hours. The difference in time zone leads to missed or unanswered calls. And this is one of the reasons why businesses lose international customers.

cNumber has the provision of one-click call forwarding to anyone within the organization. What this suggests is that businesses can have automated forwarding features activated. This would automatically transfer the call to the employee currently active, eliminating the likelihood of the call being missed.

When businesses run throughout the day and at all hours, they win customers’ trust. This helps them stay in the race and manage customers with greater ease.

Exceptional Customer Service 

Tracking and recording calls is another fascinating feature rendered by cNumber. This helps business leaders capture customer data and revisit them later to drive insights. Using data for decision making facilitates better response and improved customer service.

Such data is helpful in the sense that customer reps have a better understanding of the customers. They can then restructure their offerings to close deals and increase sales.


Managing international customers could be a tough job given differences in time and mindset. Also, the inability to enter into real-time communication owing to geographical barriers limits the collaboration. However, with cNumber, businesses can step beyond the traditional form of communication. As a virtual interaction number, enterprises can easily connect and communicate in real-time.


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