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Marsback M1: A Keyboard With Endless RGB Capabilities

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Marsback is giving keyboard enthusiasts more stunning visuals as you type away.

Most mechanical keyboards you would see in the markets today come in a black finish. But this keyboard from Marsback gives you that right balance of colours plus the sturdiness and aesthetics it deserves.

Here we quickly take a look at what’s under the hood for this Kickstarter project and what makes it special among the other keyboards.

Wired Or Wireless: The Choice Is Yours

Right off the bat, the Marsback M1 immediately shows off its versatility in terms of connection

You can choose between a wireless 5.1 Bluetooth or a wired USB-Type C with compatibility across all OS including Android and Apple smartphones. This mechanical keyboard can also let you connect up to three devices at once.

Its 6,000 mAh internal battery is also enough to last you up to two months of full charge if you don’t use the LEDs. The Marsback M1 battery life with all LEDs turned on will last you over 12 hours with a single charge.

marsback m1 white

A Polycarbonate Body That Illuminates Perfectly

What caught our attention with this beauty is that the body that’s holding the keys give a nice RGB backlight to your keyboard.

Marsback uses a CNC’d Polycarbonate base that gives off this wonderful aesthetic and it makes typing more engaging whether you’re working or gaming.

Lubricated Switches For Added Typing Comfort

Switches are the most important part of any mechanical keyboard and the Marsback M1 shows off its flexibility when it comes to its switches.

They also double-lubricated the keyboard switches for smoother and faster typing speeds plus they made these hot-swappable as well. This means that you won’t even need to touch a soldering gun if ever you want to replace the switches.

Marsback also gives three versions of keycaps to choose from. These PBT keycaps are also compatible with most mechanical keyboards.

Their PBT transparent keycap gives away a great lighting effect to make your mechanical keyboard a more artsy look.

Sound Reactive and Fully Customizable

The M1 also has a Marsback Pro software which you can use to fully customize your keys as well as your lighting modes.

Additionally, the software also allows you to setup your own macros and shortcuts making it a very versatile keyboard.

This may even be a good partner with the HyperCube because the Marsback M1 also has an audio visualization program built in the RGB lighting.

All you have to do is set it up via the Marsback Pro software and you can separate the low, middle and high notes offering greater immersion when gaming.

A 75% sized keyboard with tons of customization features, this is worth the bang for your buck as they are selling this starting at a generous early bird price of $179.


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