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Microsoft Reveals An Affordable Wireless Gaming Headset

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Regardless if you own an Xbox or not, Microsoft has made a revolutionary wireless headset that won’t break the bank in their announcement this week.

The engineering team made sure that consumers will get the full immersive gaming experience when it comes to the audio design. 

As per Erik Garcia, the project architect and lead, they spent a lot of time testing out the headset in different environments so he ensures the users that they will deliver a premium quality when it comes to sound.

Here’s what to expect from this lightweight but monster headset:

An Intuitive, Comfortable and Sleek Design

While some headset mics protrude even if you place it upwards, the Xbox Wireless Headset hides your microphone well when not in use. There is a small pocket in the left side of the headband where you can keep your microphone.

The headset only weighs at 312g which is comfortable enough for your head to give that snug fit with ear cushions made of polyurethane leather. This is probably why the headset perfectly suits the $99 price tag due to the cheap but durable materials that they included.

Control Your Sound Via The Earcups and Mic

The earcups in the Xbox Wireless Headset was creatively designed to also act as knobs to adjust both your volume and balance which is a nice finishing touch.

The mic in the wireless headset also provides clear and intelligent chat audio quality. The beamforming microphone elements can distinguish between speech audio and surround sound. 

So the team also invested in keeping your voice crystal clear regardless of the background ambient noise. It also has a togglable auto-mute feature that automatically mutes your microphone.

Experience Dolby Atmos and DTS With A Decent Battery Life

The headset’s battery life can last around 15 hours and it also supports spatial sound technologies such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone X. Additionally, the headset also includes an Xbox Accessories app where you can choose from a variety of Microsoft’s presets or tune the sound equalizer according to your own personal preference.

You can pre-order your own Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset on the Microsoft website and expect units to come out on March 16. 


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