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Midjourney’s New Visual AI Tool Changes the Future of Digital Art

With the popularity of NFTs and virtual marketing, a renewed interest has sparked regarding digital art. While humans can only do so much, a new visual AI tool called MidJourney has created a seamless way to create a collection.
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Article Summary
  • A new visual AI tool could change the face of digital art forever.
  • The AI tool studies the works of some of the greatest artists to ever live.
  • The tool is capable of both modern and classic artwork.

Visual AI tools are often cut off from the public and very hard to access. Usually, these services, platforms, or tools can be very expensive to use making them inaccessible to the regular user and advantageous only for big designers or companies.

How an AI Tool is Changing the World of Art

The traditional approach to digital art often takes hours to complete but with the current technology available, the process could become much simpler for artists and enthusiasts alike. Unlike before, there was really no other way to create art than to do it yourself but now, AI technology has been cultivated in order to provide a neat and simple way of creating digital art.

MidJourney is described as a new “art-making tool” that is still in its closed beta phase but as the AI-powered tool progresses, it will soon be made available to the general public. The tool studies some of the most unique and captivating art styles in order to create a rendition, version, or original piece in that style.

To give you a clue, imagine Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night but instead of old townhouses, imagine a city. These are some of the potential possibilities MidJourney might be capable of doing through the use of artificial intelligence.

Artwork by MidJourney

One user (who might have access to the closed beta), shared pictures on Twitter of “Mandelbrot Fractal Sketches by Leonardo da Vinci” showing the world just what the AI tool is capable of doing. The tool, although still being polished, shows a promising future when it comes to digital art.

As for its use case, imagine generating art in the style of your favorite artist allowing you to see how they might have taken on a particular subject. Aside from the classics, MidJourney is also capable of more modern designs like anime renditions or versions as shown by another user.

In order to achieve this, the AI tool employs machine learning to study the style of the artist and make a version tailored for the user. This tool in no way aims to replace human ingenuity but rather provides an opportunity to help artists story, learn, and even create models based on their favorite artists.

With multiple use cases, MidJourney could have a bright future ahead with artists, enthusiasts, collection makers, and more. Aside from personal art, imagine what this AI tool can do when it comes to marketing.


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