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Mini Macintosh USB-C Charger Could Please Apple Fans with 35W of Power: Retro 35

“Do you have a charger?” is one of the hardest questions for any Apple iPhone user especially when their friends are using Android devices. Luckily, the mini Macintosh USB-C charger aims to provide as much power as possible while remaining conveniently small.
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  • The mini Macintosh USB-C charger from SHARGEEK is called the Retro 35.
  • Photos show the Retro 35 with UK, AU, and EU Plugs.
  • SHARGEEK reached 2,952% of its original funding goal for the mini Macintosh USB-C charger.

When you say “Macintosh computer,” one thing that really comes to mind is the original box-like computer with a pixelated screen. This is exactly what the mini Macintosh USB-C charger has to offer.

Although the charger is called the SHARGEEK Retro 35 GaN Charger on Indiegogo and so far has been able to raise 2,952% of its initial $5,600 AUD goal. With huge support, it seems like the creators are doing things right with the 35W charger.

Retro 35 GaN Charger Specs

Aside from being a 35W charger, the Retro 35 also comes with a mini colored LED that lights up as soon as you start charging. What’s cool about its lighting is that it changes from white to yellow to blue to green depending on the battery status of your device.

The LED lights up the charger’s “computer display” with a Happy Mac face. The creators note that this screen is actually customizable and has provided a guide for enthusiasts to change the Happy Mac face into anything they want.

The Retro 35’s size is quite the same as the 5-watt Apple USB charger that comes with the iPhone but in terms of power, the mini Macintosh USB-C charger packs 7x more power and even comes with its own entertaining screen.

Crowdfunding consumers can get the Retro 35 with a $35 AUD contribution while regular price tag buyers will have to pay $68 AUD for it. It’s also important to clear out that the charger isn’t just limited to iOS devices but also supports Android gadgets as well.

As shown on its product page, the Retro 35 is the size of a quarter dollar and fits perfectly in your pockets. Photos on its product page show the charger with options for a UK Plug, an AU Plug, or an EU Plug but the site notes that the extra adapters aren’t included and cost an extra $7 AUD for all three.

SHARGEEK’s Fundraising Efforts for the Retro 35

It’s probably safe to say that SHARGEEK has been able to run a successful campaign with the Retro 35 especially after raking in $21,100 AUD despite its meer $5,600 AUD target.

The simple, useful, and creative charger not only towers over the capabilities of Apple’s 5-watt USB charger but also provides a fun screen that can be customized at will.

The campaign has 27 days yet and gained 276 backers as of press time and expects to ship out in July of this year.


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