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MOPlay Smart Drum D3 Review 

Always wanted to learn how to play drums but never had the chance to do it? Maybe you already know how to play, and you’re looking to improve your skills? Or maybe you’re already a drummer looking to learn new songs to play? In any case, then here’s something that may actually help you achieve your dream of becoming a rockstar drummer. 
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With the MOPlay Smart Drum D3, you can learn to play the drums and master different songs, all while having fun. Its gamified approach allows you to start from any level, improve your skills, and compete with other drummers.



  • Customizable and suitable for any level
  • Real-time ranking
  • Monthly song updates
  • Fun and enjoyable


  • Pricey

The MOPlay Smart Drum D3 is a system that consists of electronic drums and an app. It introduces gamified software where you get to select the songs you want and play along. The idea is, you’ll get to learn how to play the drums while having fun. Pretty neat, right? Let’s find out more about this new product here and see if it’s worth your time and money.

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MOPlay Smart Drum D3 is similar to Guitar Hero. Both are rhythm games where you need to time your hits with the beat of the music. Color bars will appear and start dropping on the screen, and you’ll need to hit the corresponding drum components where they fall. But unlike Guitar Hero, you’re not going to press any buttons. Instead, you’ll get to play real drums using drumsticks.

What we love about the MOPlay is that unlike rhythm games like Guitar Hero, it is immersive and realistic. You get to use real drums and play like a real drummer. And since it’s designed as a game, it’s more fun, exciting, and challenging. And in terms of learning new songs, the MOPlay is easier to follow and understand than reading music sheets or watching tutorials or instructional videos.

In terms of the initial price, MOPlay drum set isn’t too bad. It’s a lot cheaper than many of the top electronic drums around, including the Roland TD-27KV, , and . However, even with its discounted price of US$549, it is still pricier than many drum sets in the market, such as the Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh and Simmons SD600.

Now, from what we understand, the MOPlay comes with a free 3-year subscription coupon for its specialized app. During that time, you can use all its learning content and songs for free. So what happens after? From its Kickstarter campaign, the cost of the MOPlay app is said to be around US$498. We can only assume that you’d have to pay that much to continue using the application once the 3-year period is over. And if that’s the case, then the MOPlay is quite expensive, don’t you think?

MOPlay Smart Drum D3 Features


Learning Mode

MOPlay’s application has 68 types of basic beat lessons with 3 levels of difficulty. This is a great feature to have since it can help you improve your rhythms and beats. You’d have no problem with complicated fill-ins either.


What makes MOPlay great is its personalized set-up system. When choosing which song to play, you have the option to adjust the difficulty and speed. The app offers easy, normal, and hard difficulty levels as well as 4-speed levels.

Real-Time Ranking

Want to make your drumming experience even more challenging? Here’s your chance. The MOPlay has a ranking system, which allows you to compete with other drummers. So after you’ve finished a song, you can check your score and rank immediately. You can also see if you’ve improved or not.

Monthly Song Updates

Another feature we look forward to is the app’s monthly song update. After its crowdfunding campaign, the company promises to offer 10 songs every month. This means you’ll never run out of songs and bands to play with.


Not all of us have the privilege to rock out with a loud and banging acoustic drum kit. If you live in an apartment or any similar situation, you probably have many noise constraints. But with MOPlay, there’s no need to worry. Earbuds are provided in the package, and you can use those to drum all night long without disturbing your family or neighbors. A specialized drumming mat is even included to absorb the vibration of the drums.


Material Rubber, silicone, metal
  • Black
  • White
Package Size 32.67 x 26.77 x 5.90 inch
Supported Language
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean
App Compatibility Android, iOS, and Windows

The MOPlay Smart Drum D3 is equipped with black mesh pads that high-end drums also use. This gives almost the same satisfying feeling, response, and rebound of traditional acoustic drum skins – minus the loud sound. The D3 also features several upgrades to make it sound more realistic and its vibrations more precise. For one, noise-balanced sounds were applied to the cymbals. The pedals were also made from actual acoustic drum pedals.

Other than that, we’re not seeing anything remarkable about the MOPlay drum set. There’s also nothing about the module, which is the brain of any electronic drum set.

Size and Look

Another thing worth noting about MOPlay is its size. It occupies only 47.24 X 47.24 inches of space. So unlike a regular drum set, this won’t take too much of the room. It’s also a little more colorful than most of the electronic drums around since its mesh pads are color-coordinated with that of the software. This makes it easier to know which component to hit. By the way, you also have the option to choose from white mesh pads or black mesh pads.

Final Thoughts

With the app’s personalized set-up system, endless song choices, and gamified approach, the MOPlay Smart Drum D3 is a great option for beginners, those who are seeking improvement, and even professionals. It’s challenging, easy to understand, and fun. But that goes for the application.

For the actual drum set, however, it’s not a standout. It’s a good entry-level set, considering its real drum sounds, quality mesh pads, and silent function. But professional drummers may find it limiting since there’s no mention of preset kits, available drum sounds, or of its module being expandable. Not to mention that it’s also very expensive compared to other entry-level electronic drum sets.

That said, the MOPlay Smart Drum D3 is a system, and it works best when both components are together. While it isn’t the best electronic drum set in the market, it still offers great sound and something that other kits don’t – a fun and exciting drumming experience.

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