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MoreToSee Debuts On Kickstarter As The Best Accessory For Tesla Cars

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This Kickstarter project from Vicseed has captured the attention of Tesla owners with its ergonomic design plus its ability to support wireless charging. 

The MoreToSee mount has well addressed the problem of view obstructions when it comes to the Tesla car models. As of this writing, the Kickstarter has 21 backers who have pledged almost $1,000 this week which is around 33% to their $3,000 goal.

We’ll take a look on why this accessory may be the best one to pick up right now for your Tesla cars whether you’re driving a Model 3 or Model Y.

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Give Your Driving Experience A Nicer View

Vicseed has given a lot of thought of this design since January of last year. What’s interesting about this mount is that they created an adjustable hasp lock. This lets you attach your mount into different positions on the dashboard to the left of your steering wheel.

Since most of the phone mounts typically support the right side of your dashboard, this mount gives your view more organized instead of cramping everything on the right side. 

Tesla Model 3 already has a big screen in the driver’s right side of the dashboard so having the phone on your left gives you seamless interactions such as calling or listening to music. 

You can also rotate your device to your chosen viewing preference which is useful for navigation apps plus its silicone pads will protect your car from scratches.

Qi Wireless Charging Clamp

This mount also gives you the option to have a 10W Qi Wireless Charging Clamp. Its adjustable bottom tray also allows different phone models that support wireless charging to fit the mount. It’s one touch operation is a nice addition as well to unlock your phone from the clamp.

And there’s no need to worry about temperature because this accessory can tolerate extreme temperatures with its heat and cryo resistance feature.

Expect MoreToSee To Ship This Coming April 2021

In terms of their timeline, they’ve started aggressively launching this February and these units are set for mass production next month.

Early bird prices start at $29 which includes the Air Vent Phone mount and bracket if your phone does not support wireless charging. If you want to get the wireless charging feature, you can go with the $49 early bird package which includes the Qi Gravity Mount and USB Type-C cable.


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