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Movo Releases MA5 Mini Mic Series

A high quality mic that fits at the palm of your hand 🎙🖐
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Audiophiles rejoice as Movo once again released a new lineup for their microphones. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the popular mics in the market, you may want to check out the MA5 mini mics.

Save plenty of time setting up through plug-and-play into any of your devices plus a lot of space in your bag and feel free to carry this mic around with its included phone windscreen and a hard-shell carrying case that fits right in your pocket.

Movo MA5 Simplifies The Recording Process

Whether you’re on a conference call, traveling, or even just singing your favorite songs, the Movo MA5 makes sure to give you that high-quality audio.

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The team also has some good ergonomics and design when it comes to this tiny mic capsule because it has an omnidirectional pattern that can pick up a lot of sounds and it also has a rotating head so it’s easier to direct the sound source.

An example would be putting the mic in between you and the person you’re talking to so this is a handy gadget for those quick interviews as well as podcasts, and vlogs.

Flexible Input Choices

A unique feature about this tiny audio gadget is that it can support up to five input versions and depending on your needs you can take a look at this quick summary:

  • MA5L – for iPhones and iPads
  • MA5C – for devices with USB-C
  • MA5SP – for smartphones, laptops, and tablets and this gives you more flexibility over your gadgets
  • MA5CA – for DSLRs and camcorders
  • MA5U – for computers and USB devices and this one includes a headphone port for monitoring in which the other four models don’t have

Get your own MA5 Mini at Amazon or if you’re lucky, you could also follow them on Instagram and join in their monthly giveaways and have a chance to win this mic for yourself.


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