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Movo WebMic HD Pro: An All-In-One Webcam, Mic, and LED Light

Take your live streams and Zoom meetings to the next level!
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Installing your virtual meeting or streaming area can sometimes become a nuisance. You have to consider a lot of factors such as video background, mic and camera placements.

But with the Movo WebMic HD Pro, you can have an all-around solution for professional audio, video and lighting at an affordable price.

Whether you want to do a vlog or record a song, the Movo WebMic is here with you in your virtual meetings and possibly your content creation journey.

Decent Audio Quality

The Movo WebMic’s cardioid directional pattern ensures that your voice will be picked up clearly no matter how far you are.

It also has a gain knob to control your audio levels as well as a physical mute function if ever you wanted to do an off-mic stream.

The headphone audio jack also lets you monitor your voice in real-time so you don’t need to tinker with your computer software just to hear yourself talking. In fact, you won’t be stressed with the latency issues you might encounter with some audio devices since these processes can take up resources in your PC.

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1080p/4K Video Quality and LED Lighting

The Movo WebMic HD Pro gives you 1080p video quality at 30fps so you don’t have to worry about grainy footage when you’re streaming or attending Zoom meetings. Or you can go with the 4K Pro version if you want a higher video quality.

Another great innovation that this webcam has included is the  LED light. So no need for you to buy a separate ring light just to get you a clearer picture whenever you record or stream your content over the internet.

Conveniently Place It On Your Workspace

This USB-C powered WebMic has an included desktop stand that can be used as a grip for handheld use. You can also tilt the mic depending on your preferred angle or attach it directly to a laptop monitor with the included mounting bracket.

The Movo WebMic HD starts at a Kickstarter special price of $89. If ever you want the included LED ring light, get either the Pro or 4K version which will cost you around $109 to $159.


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