Mudra Band Touch-Free Control for Apple Watch

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The Mudra Band supports 3 types of gestures: discrete, continuous, and air-touch. Discrete refers to individual finger motions, like when you move your index finger or tap it on your thumb. Continuous is when you use your fingertips to put pressure onto physical objects or your other fingers. Air-touch combines the aforementioned fingertip pressure and air gestures as if you were using your finger as a mouse pointer in the air.


There’s no denying that the Apple Watch is an impressive piece of tech, and while it does make owning an iPhone a whole lot easier, there are times when having to touch it with your off-hand makes it inconvenient, like if you want to answer a call while you’re holding bags in both hands, for instance.

The Mudra Band is a wrist strap for the Apple Watch that can effectively transform it into a one-handed device. No more having to put down your bags or stop your jog just so you can navigate the screen. All you have to do is make the right gestures using the same hand the watch is on and you’ll be able to access your Apple Watch without ever having to touch the display.

The Mudra Band accomplishes this by using electrodes to capture the neural signals that your brain sends all the way down to your fingertips. This coupled with the band’s deep learning AI algorithms make sense of the signals and figure out which finger is being moved. Each signal is then bound to a specific control on the Apple Watch. 

If you’re worried about the band picking up unintended signals, you can put those worries to rest. The developers are making sure that the algorithm learns the difference between intentionally and unintentional movements, so you won’t be bombarded by unwanted actions. Let the Mudra Band take your Apple Watch experience to the next level.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE
  • Compatibility: All watch screen sizes iPhone OS 7 and above Apple Watch 3 and above
  • Battery: Li-Po 3.7V/40mAh over 2 days use time
  • Charging: Pogo-pin, less than 1 hour
  • IP Code: IP56, dust-protected, powerful water jets
  • Sensors: 3 SNC sensors, 6-DOF IMU & gyroscope
  • LED: Single indicator, coloured and flashes
  • Material: Fluoroelastomer
  • Colour: White or Black


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