Must Have Accessories for Your Electric Scooter

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You made your choice recently, with a sensible investment: a new MEARTH ​​RS electric scooter. You take pride in your practical pick, for the right reasons – performance, speed, convenience, and also because it’s low maintenance. And that’s savings already upfront.

For starters, the economical electric scooter gets you to your destination, say, from point A to point B quickly, just the way it should. Riding your fast electric scooter, you can weave easily through the city’s congested traffic, especially during rush hour. That’s a big relief, right?

The creative soul in you, however, would want to give it more. More pizzazz? You may be thinking of customizing it by installing some cool accessories to make your scooter riding comfier and look cool. Well, of course, you certainly can! Your electric scooter is ready for some trendy yet useful upgrades as more functional parts have become the standard for most electric scooters in the market nowadays.

Here are must-have electric scooter accessories that are practical as well as necessary for your riding comfort and safety:

Helmet: Mearth offers different types of helmets for you to choose from. There are heavy-duty helmets for the fast riders and there are lighter and collapsible helmets, ideal for the daily 15-30 mph speed and are easy to carry and store. Rule of thumb: wearing a helmet is highly recommended as it could save your life.

Safety gear: Spare your body from getting the brunt of an impact in case you get into a mishap while riding your e-scooter. Thus, these accessories — gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, and protective glasses are very important. Regardless of your riding momentum, wearing gloves will keep your hands warm and prevent them from getting grazed. You can opt for light-duty gloves or thick motorcycle gloves. The same goes for knee guards, and elbow guards. The knees and elbows are the most vulnerable body parts if you fall, and the pads may prevent a serious fracture. On protective glasses, there are no specific glasses designed for electric scooter riders. Choose the ones that make you feel comfortable and those that provide maximum protection.

Fluorescent turn signal vest (safety vest): a must-have turn signal widget vest worn on the back of a person showing different signals that glow in the dark like a regular fluorescent light that serves as an extra turning signal for you. and also to let other participants know about your position in traffic, which plays a critical role in road safety, both for you and others. Fluorescent vests are required for night riding by Australia’s local law. Make sure you are doing everything possible to stay safe while riding. Always wear a fluorescent turn signal/safety vest when riding your fashionable electric scooter.

Tyre sealant (tyre slime): Another must-have accessory if your e-scooter runs on pneumatic tires. It provides a quick fix for the tire or for inner tube punctures. Easy to use, having a tire slime will spare you repair costs or even the cost of replacing your tires as it does not require any form of specialized training to fix the tires. Just locate the puncture and apply the slime.

U-Lock: The most secure and also the most affordable is the U-lock or D-lock. Just make sure you latch it to a firm object on which to lock your scooter. There may be some establishments that do not allow electric scooters into their premises nor provide a secure space for storage. In case these spaces do not offer any form of security for your electric scooter, you will need a secure lock to keep it from being stolen.

Kickstand cover: It’s stylish and helps prevent the kickstand from scratching up the hardwood in your workplace or abode.

Saddlebag: This is an excellent addition to carrying some personal, necessary items with you. Attached to the stem or the handlebar of the scooter, the saddlebag will provide extra storage for the e-scooter charger, tire slime, Allen keys, and even some snacks. Choose one that’s made of durable, waterproof material.

Lights like the front (head) lights are a standard piece of equipment and should come with every electric scooter. These front lights are supposed to illuminate well. An excellent front light will correctly light your way and provide additional visibility. You can get a 750-lumen LED light and quit worrying about getting home before dark ever again.

The rear lights are crucial to keep you in full view and be able to visibly alert other road users when you brake or intend to make a turn. The rear light is installed on the back fender of the electric scooter. You can also buy multi-functional rear lights that can be attached to the back of your helmet or backpack. This light is also a very useful accessory to be used in signaling, braking, or indicating your intent to turn.

For increased visibility, add ambient lights. You can attach ambient lights to the bottom part of your electric scooter. It’s a feel-good factor. You can buy spare cool sets of front + backlight, and ambient lights in Mearth-accredited retail stores.

Additional battery: Oh yes! Extra batteries. Don’t get caught without it. This is highly recommended. Batteries can be stored inside your saddlebag, and also provide easy connectivity options when you need to power other devices while using the battery. Remember to always store your battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for extended battery life.

Carry Strap: This shoulder strap is a necessary investment to help you carry easily your Mearth GTS Max electric scooter once it’s folded. Convenient to carry, this latest model from Mearth has a max speed of 70-100km/h and weighs 34 kgs.

Recapping these accessories must-haves, it’s still pretty much your choice how you want to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your device with these various accessories. The list of accessories is necessary to help ensure your safety, especially if you regularly ride on busy roads or travel at night. Remember, your personal safety is your number one responsibility. Stay safe always!


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