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Nerf Launches Destiny 2 Rocket Launcher, the Gjallarhorn Blaster

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Article Summary
  • The Gjallarhorn Blaster is getting a real-life counterpart Nerf-style.
  • The Nerf rocket launcher is a 1:1 scale replica of the in-game weapon.
  • Players will have to finish a special quest to get the weapon in-game.

It’s been a while since Nerf has done something fascinating and now, for those fans of Destiny 2, the company is opening its pre-orders for the Nerf LMTD Destiny Gjallarhorn Blaster.

Although categorized as a toy for kids, there’s no stopping adults or grown-ups from checking out some of Nerf’s newest guns to relive the nostalgia. Just like LEGO, Nerf is a classic toy that has been a part of many adults growing up.

The reason why this news is so awesome is that it caters not only to fans of Nerf but also to fans of Destiny 2. Bungie says that the Nerf is designed to be a perfect 1:1 scale and even includes sculptures to imitate the real thing.

Gamers have to Finish a Special Quest to Buy the Gun In-Game

The interesting thing about the new gun is that players will have to first complete a quest in-game before July 7. In real life, however, pre-orders are now open for players to buy the Nerf gun to play with.

Using popular game weapons or characters like Bandai’s revival of the Tamagotchi with a Spy x Family edition is not new. What’s interesting, however, is how the weapon isn’t something players can get right away in-game since they still have to complete a quest in order to get it.

For gamers of the original Destiny, the weapon was referred to as “one of the most overpowered weapons ever used.” a video of the Nerf’s details was uploaded by Bungie on YouTube and it shows how the rocket launcher, 4 feet long, looks like when you carry it.

The Rocket Launcher is Coming with Different Darts

While Nerf bullets are usually popular, the rocket launcher will be coming out with its very own Mega dart shells. Bungie said that this would be the first time ever that these shells hit the market and that the rocket launcher would hold 3 mega darts and fire 3 at a time.

The thing about this rocket launcher, however, is that due to it being in demand, buyers might have a hard time purchasing it. The Nerf rocket launcher is opening limited pre-orders to players that have been able to buy the in-game counterpart.

Despite pre-orders being open, buyers won’t be able to see the rocket launcher that soon. The Nerf LMTD Destiny Gjallarhorn Blaster will be shipping out during the first quarter of 2023.

The rocket launcher is expected to come out with its own exclusive “A Distant Howl” emblem and the exotic “Gjallarfoam” ornament for Destiny 2. The faithful replicate of the in-game weapon helps gamers get the feel of how the Gjallarhorn Blaster feels in real life.


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