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Newmire Duo Phonecase Review: 2 Phones are Better than 1

With the Newmire Duo Phonecase, you’ll be able to fold it in a way that you can use each smartphone individually, or you can fold one of the flaps inward to allow you to place both devices side-by-side. That way you can work on one while the other device plays a video or makes a phone call.
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The Newmire Duo Phonecase is the perfect accessory for people who sport dual smartphones. It easily flips open to grant you access to either phone and it’s innovatively designed to allow for simultaneous usage of both devices if the need arises. To top it all off, it can even act as a wallet. What more could you ask for?




  • Allows you to use both smartphones at the same time
  • Is build to accommodate even larger phones
  • Slider feature makes taking snapshots easy


  • Leather material is sensitive to liquids and light exposure

If you constantly use your smartphone for work or your personal life, then you know exactly how limiting having only one device can be. Problem is, carrying around two smartphones tends to be a huge hassle, especially since there really isn’t a decent case for that specific purpose. Until the Newmire Duo Phonecase, that is.

This nifty new case is innovatively designed to store two smartphones and even allows you to use them simultaneously, along with sporting a few other compartments that you’d usually find in a wallet. The real question is, is the case capable of achieving all of its claims without looking too bulky or unwieldy? In this Newmire Duo Phonecase review, we’re looking to find out if this truly is the definitive case for dual phone users.

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The Newmire Duo Phonecase aims to solve the inconvenience of having to carry around two phones individually by comfortably fitting them both inside one novel case. It’s designed in a way that you can unfold it so that both smartphones are seated side-by-side, allowing you to use them simultaneously.

Moreover, you can just as easily unfurl it so that only one phone is showing, for the times when you need to work with just a single device. It doesn’t stop there either. The Newmire Duo Phonecase also comes with a bunch of different slots for cash and cards, so it also functions as your everyday wallet.


Built For Two Phones

The Newmire Duo Phonecase was designed to hold two phones, allowing you to switch between one and the other or even use both at the same time. That way you’ll be able to maximize the efficiency of utilizing two smartphones.

Accommodates Larger Phones

It doesn’t matter if your smartphone is large or small, this case was built to handle devices of all sizes. It can even accommodate the iPhone Plus and Samsung Note line of smartphones, which are some of the bigger ones on the market.

Doubles as a Wallet

While its main purpose is a smartphone case, the Newmire Duo Phonecase also includes a variety of slots for the storage of cards, money, and more, meaning that it can also serve as your wallet as well. If you don’t care for the extra slots, you can always just pick up the variant that’s purely a phone case.

Contains a Powerful Magnet

The Newmire Duo Phonecase comes with a powerful magnet embedded in it, so you can just stick it onto your fridge or any other metal surface while you’re doing something else. That way you can make a phone call or have your favourite show play in the background while you’re at work or doing household chores.

Camera Friendly

You won’t have to worry about needing to detach your phone from the case every time you want to snap a photo since the case features sliders that allow you to push up your smartphone enough that you can effortlessly take a picture or a video whenever you like.

More Than Just a Phone Holder

Sure, the case was conceptualized for storing two phones, but the other slot can also be used to hold other handy devices, such as power banks and external hard drives.

Comes in a Variety of Colours

The Newmire Duo Phonecase comes in a wide range of different colours, including Coral Pink, Rose, Violet, Dark Gray, Brown, Black, and Navy.


Dimensions Closed 17 x 8.5 cm (6.69 x 3.34 inches)
Dimensions Opened 17 x 28.5 cm (6.69 x 11.22 inches)
Depth Height Closed 2.8 cm (1.1 inches)
Depth Height Opened 0.4 cm (0.16 inches)
Weight 113g (0.25 lbs)

Build & Design

The Newmire Duo Phonecase maintains a classy rectangular design, very similar to the usual elongated men’s wallet. It features a sleek leather finish that’s accentuated by the variety of different eye-catching colours. It also manages to stay slim despite its function as a dual smartphone holder, which is especially important for people who plan to use the case as a wallet as well.

As for the build quality, the leather is definitely pleasant to look at but it also comes with a few restrictions. You’ll want to keep the case away from most liquids, including water, alcohol, and other solvents, as well as avoid exposing it to direct sources of light for extended periods. Otherwise, you’re likely to experience discolouration or deformation.

What’s it like to use?

Setting up the case is nice and simple. All you have to do is unfold the case and remove the protection tape from the slider. From there, carefully place the included clear case onto the sticky part and then test out the positioning by pushing the slider up until the camera lens slot comfortably clears the case.

If it clears properly, you can press down on the jelly case harder to cement its position. Do this for the other slider and you’re all set. Using the case is equally easy. You just have to flip it open depending on which phone you want to use or you can fold one of the flaps inwards so that both of your devices will be in view, allowing you to use both of them simultaneously.

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The Newmire Duo Phonecase proves itself as an essential accessory for users who enjoy using (or are required to have) multiple smartphones. You’ll be able to keep both of your devices in the same place making it easier to carry around, and you’ll even have the ability to use both of them at the same time which can come in incredibly handy.

Even for non dual-phone users, the case still manages to be quite useful since it bundles up your phone and portable charger or external hard drive really nicely. Its leather material does make it more susceptible to wear and tear, but as long as you take good care of it, the Newmire Duo Phonecase is a must have for people who keep multiple phones.


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