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NexTemplo 4-in-1 Switch Gaming Kit Review: Best Switch Accessories Yet

The HDMI cable included in the NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit features notable improvements over a standard one, allowing you to connect your Nintendo Switch directly to a display without the need for a bulky dock. 
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NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit Quick Review


The NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit is one of the most extensive Switch solutions you can find on the market, offering everything from a Bluetooth audio receiver and a customized HDMI cable down to a miniature microphone and a USB converter. Whatever your Switch needs, NexTemplo’s got it.



  • Includes a bunch of useful peripherals
  • All peripherals fit comfortably inside the carrying case which even has room for 20 cartridges
  • NexTemplo charging dock and HDMI cable are improved versions of the Nintendo standard


  • The mostly black design is a bit bland to look at

The Nintendo Switch has taken the gaming world by storm, craftily catering to fans of consoles and handhelds at the same time. But Nintendo’s latest little gizmo is far from perfect, leaving a few glaring gaps that the NextTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit is more than eager to fill.

With several handy peripherals packed tightly into a nifty carrying case, this gaming kit looks to make your Switch experience easier and more seamless than ever before. This isn’t exactly a cutting-edge concept, however, as several big names in gaming – like Snakebyte – have already released their own style of Switch kits.

In this NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit review, we’re going to find out if it truly is the quintessential add-on package you need to take your Switch experience to the next level. Can’t spare the time to read through the entire review? Just click any of the links below and we’ll take you straight to that section:


The NexTemplo team were brought together out of their long-time love of Nintendo gaming, and their desire to create a much more streamlined approach to Nintendo Switch accessories. Not just with regards to aesthetics but also to functionality. The Switch is famed for its clunky and ugly range of official and third-party accessories, and this is where the NextTeplo Gaming Kit comes in clutch.

The NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit features some incredibly handy peripherals, including a compact charging dock, a specialized HDMI cable, a Bluetooth receiver, and a pair of gaming easrbuds. And the best part is that all the peripherals share a similar look, making them delightfully easy on the eyes while fitting comfortably inside their low-profile carrying case.


Your One-Stop-Shop for the ultimate Nintendo Switch Experience

The NexTemplo Gaming Kit aims to be THE all-in-one solution for your Nintendo Switch needs, featuring peripherals that the developers believe would benefit the console and its users immensely.

Between its Bluetooth audio, custom HDMI cable, charging dock, wireless gaming earbuds, microphone, USB-A converter, and carrying case, this kit is chock-full of all kinds of peripherals for a variety of scenarios.

NexTemplo carrying case open

One Case To Rule Them All

The NexTemplo carrying case boasts enough room to store all the peripherals in your kit plus your games, thanks to its spacious zippered mesh pocket and generous 20 cartridge slots. With this case, you’ll be able to effortlessly bring along your Nintendo Switch and all of its essentials, anywhere you go.

NexTemplo Gaming Earbuds

Use Your Favourite Bluetooth Speakers or Earphones

NexTemplo utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 technology, allowing you to use your favourite pair of wireless earphones or a beefy Bluetooth speaker with your Nintendo Switch console.

Bye Bye Bulky Dock

The Switch dock is a cool piece of equipment, don’t get me wrong. But it’s more than a little bulky and can be quite a pain to carry around when you’re on the go. Luckily enough, the NexTemplo kit includes a custom-made, 5.9-foot long HDMI cable that connects directly to your Switch via its USB Type-C port, allowing you to game on any HDMI-capable display of your choosing without the need for that unwieldy dock.

NextTemplo Dock

Stay Charged While You Play

This kit comes with its very own charging dock that’s wonderfully portable and low-profile. Its 3.0 Power Delivery system ensures that your Switch juices up extra quickly and the dock props up your console in tablet mode so you can continue gaming without worrying about your battery.

Ultra-Low Latency Audio

By incorporating 32-bit RISC Codecs, NexTemplo’s Bluetooth audio and gaming earbuds feature ultra-low sub 49 ms latency, allowing you to enjoy high-quality audio with unnoticeable delay.

Not Limited To The Nintendo Switch

While the NexTemplo kit was certainly made for the Switch console, its peripherals work just fine with other devices as well. The earbuds function perfectly with most smart devices, the HDMI cable can be used for presentations and conferences, and the USB-A converter can be used with devices that don’t feature a USB Type-C port.

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NextTemplo Specs

Bluetooth Audio
Bluetooth Connection range  

>32.81ft (10m)

Wattage 18W Max
Charging Dock
Input Current 5V/2A ; 9V/1.5A ; 15V/1.2A
Output Current 5V/2A ; 9V/1.5A ; 15V/1.2A
Adjustable Angle 90° Maximum
Gaming Earbuds
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Earbuds Battery life 2.5-3h
Delay Numerical 60ms
Bluetooth Connection Range  

>49.21ft (15m)

Water-proof Rating IPX5
Charging Case Battery Life 7-8h
Full Charge Time 1.5h
Weight 3.7g (each)
Charging Case  


HDMI Cable
Length 5.9 feet (1.8m)
Resolution 4K/30HZ
Carrying Case
Dimensions 26×12.5×7.5cm
Cover thickness upper cover x 4.5cm, lower cover x 3cm
Cardbridge Slots 20
Zipper Two way zipper
Pocket Large zipper mesh pocket
Hand Strap Yes

NexTemplo bluetooth audio+Switch

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It doesn’t take more than a quick glance at the kit to realize that NexTemplo is head-over-heels with the colour black. Pretty much all the peripherals sport a jet-black paint job – carrying case included – with the only exception being the spiffy-looking earbud and audio receiver case, which is saucer-shaped and has red and blue circles on its sides and the NexTemplo logo right at its centre.

The audio receiver boasts a similar design and fits snuggly inside an indentation along the bottom of the earbud case. The carrying case shows off the brand name and logo on its handle and features a few red linings when opened, though everything else is plain black like the rest of the peripherals.

NexTemplo Being Played With

What’s it like to use?

All the peripherals included in the NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit are plug-and-play, making them exceedingly easy to use no matter how technologically challenged you may be. Connect your HDMI cable to your Switch and a display and you’re ready to game. Seat your Switch on the dock and plug it into a power source and you can play while charging. Plug in the audio receiver and put on those earbuds and you’ve got yourself low-latency audio. It’s as simple as that.

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NexTemplo started off with the lofty goal of cramming everything you’ll need for your Switch into a carrying case that’s only a few times thicker than the console itself. For the most part, it manages to succeed in this endeavour, allowing you to bring your Bluetooth audio receiver, HDMI cable, charging dock, wireless gaming earbuds, microphone, and a handy USB-A converter with you without having to jam them all into a mid-sized backpack.

They also all share a similar all-black colour scheme, making your whole setup look a whole lot neater, albeit a bit on the bland side. As Switch kits go, the NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit is as comprehensive as they come, and largely makes good on its promise of being an all-in-one Nintendo Switch solution


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