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ONEXPLAYER: A New Monster Contender Against The Nintendo Switch

The first gaming console to run on 11th gen Intel processors 🎮👨‍💻
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With an 8.4 inch screen, USB 4.0, and high-end specs, ONE-NETBOOK is entering the handheld arena possibly dethroning the Nintendo Switch with their revolutionary console — the ONEXPLAYER.

We’ve seen other Kickstarter projects join the portable bandwagon this year starting with the recently funded AMD-powered AYA-NEO console and now we’re seeing more handhelds coming out and this powerhouse might topple the rest of the competition.

It’s getting so much attention this week, that they’ve announced their first milestone of reaching over 1,000 backers with almost $1 million worth of funding in a span of 24 hours.

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Premium Controls Give You The Ultimate Handheld Experience

The Japanese ALPS rockers, linear analog triggers, XYAB button layouts, and ergonomic docking support give the ONEXPLAYER an edge over the existing competitors.

The front dual stereo speakers located at the bottom give you enough sound even if you don’t have your gaming headphones lying around.

Since ONEXPLAYER runs on Windows 10, you can even turn this handheld gaming console into a laptop if you include their add-on keyboard priced at a 50% discount of only $39.99.


Intel i5 and i7 11th Gen Processors Plus SSD Storage Up to 2TB

ONEXPLAYER gives you a 16GB 4,266MHz high-speed RAM plus SSD storage starting at 512GB for the i5 variant and 1TB or 2TB for the i7 variant.

Both the Intel i5 and i7 11th gen processors have performed well in Geekbench 5 in both single and multi-core performance dominating the existing AMD processors such as the 3950X and 4900U.

ONEXPLAYER also supports TF cards in case the internal storage provided for your games is not enough.

Run AAA Games Smoothly From 2020 and Beyond

Although the ONEXPLAYER only has an Intel Iris XE Graphics 96EU as its GPU, it goes well with the high-speed 11th gen processors giving enough performance to play demanding games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs 2, Red Dead: Redemption 2, and more.

It can even play competitive games smoothly such as Valorant and CS:GO at over 60 FPS making this your monster handheld on the go. Playing  Apex Legends on this device is also a smooth breeze giving you around 60 to 120 FPS compared to playing it to the Nintendo Switch which only gives 30 FPS.

We’ve also seen emulation run well on this device as seen on Taki Udon’s game tests over at YouTube.

Their $1,499 super early bird edition of the i7 and 2TB SSD variant of ONEXPLAYER has already been sold out. But if you want to get the other 1TB variants, you would only need to spend less than $1,000 to obtain the best gaming console up to date over at Indiegogo.


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