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Orbitkey Review: A Key Organiser For Almost Anyone?

Never forget your keys or scratch your phone again with the Orbitkey! 🌏🔑
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We’re all guilty of either misplacing our keys or attempting to force the wrong key into the wrong door. All common problems for those still using the archaic keyring as their choice of key organiser.

Many companies have attempted to solve this problem, but I’m not sure many, if any, have done as good of a job as Orbitkey. We’ve been familiar with Orbitkey for a while now and have finally decided to sit down and write our Orbitkey review to help the unorganised organise.

  • Look Station
  • Features
  • Total Value


An elegant solution to a common problem at an affordable price point. There really isn’t anything to not like about the Orbitkey and we would highly recommend it to anyone who owns keys. So, that would be almost everyone!



Quality materials

Superb design

Slim form factor


Editor’s note: we just reviewed the new Orbitkey Nest, the new Orbitkey Desk Mat & the even newer Orbitkey ID Card Holder – check them out!

Short on time? – Click here for our Orbitkey review summary.

Who Is The Orbitkey For?

The Orbitkey is for anyone who wants to add a little more organisation to their life and clear up their pockets. Although simple in design, the Orbitkey can solve a lot of problems experienced on a regular basis. Always forgetting your keys, Orbitkey, fumbling for the patio door key, Orbitkey. Keys scratching your phone, Orbitkey. Need a bottle-opener, Obitkey. You get the idea…

Another potential type of person the Orbitkey is useful for is runners. One thing I hate when running is the jingling of keys in my pocket or the prodding of my inner thigh at the gym. The orbit key solves both of these problems at the same time. Just something else to consider.

The company has expanded their range of key solutions over the years, but for now, we’ll focus on the tried and tested Orbitkey Key Organiser.

Orbitkey How It Works

How Does The Orbitkey Work Key Organiser Work?

It uses a very simple, yet effective mechanism to keep your keys, and other accessories tightly packaged and easily accessed. It uses a screw which you put through the hole in your keys or other accessories. To prevent the keys from rotating around the screw can be tightened to create a satisfying level of pressure while maintaining a small form factor in your pocket. It is a versatile system that allows each user to find their preferred level of pressure.

The keys and accessories are sandwiched in between an exterior made of either leather, polymer TPU, canvas, nylon, or something called ‘crazy horse’ – all of which are hardwearing. Attached to the fold is a D-ring which can be used just like any other D-ring and connect to another set of keys or keyring for example.

In total it can hold between two and seven keys and uses the numerous included washers to fill the void for those with just a few keys.

Orbitkey Review Lookstation

The Look Station

There’s something satisfying about the good, simple design Orbitkey offers. there’s really not too much to the design but that is part of the beauty. It has a sleek silhouette emboldened by the bold, but again simple material choices selected by the Orbitkey team. There is also a fair few different exterior choices you can select from. In our Orbitkey review, we selected the leather variant, which comes in 10 colours! We chose the ‘Stone’, but it also comes in:

  • Blush
  • Sage
  • Black
  • Black with tan stitching
  • Espresso with brown stitching
  • Charcoal with grey stitching
  • Tan with white stitching
  • Navy with tan stitching
  • Cognac with tan stitching

Take a look at their website to find your own preference, but to be honest, they all look good to us. The stitching looks very smart and creates a luxurious aesthetic you expect from high-end leather goods from products of higher price points.

There is the option to have monogramming added to the band at an additional cost. The option allows for three characters to be added in upper case font only. This again adds to the more luxurious aesthetic delivered beyond Orbitkey’s price point.

Although a minor feature, it is worth mentioning that the D-ring itself has a nice shape to it. It is a little more reserved and stylised than a typical D-ring.

How Does it Hold Up Over Time?

With over a year of usage, we’re happy to report that this is certainly a product that stands the test of time. Considering it is used multiple times daily, the mechanism works almost as well as it did brand new. After around 3 months of usage, we did notice that the rotating mechanism loosened slightly, but not the point where it affected the functionality or even to the point of the slightest irritation.  You can easily re-tighten the mechanism if you like, which is just the slightest of hassles

Of course, a bit of wear and tear was picked up over time, but what can you expect from something that sees so much daily usage.

Orbitkey Accessories

What Accessories Can Be Added?

Orbitkey offer the following official accessories:

  • USB 3.0 – 8GB with a fast transfer rate and with dimensions of 46.25 x 12.5 x 3.75 mm
  • USB 3.0 – 32GB with a fast transfer rate and with dimensions of 46.25 x 12.5 x 3.75 mm
  • Bottle opener with dimensions of 46.25 x 12.5 x 3.75 mm
  • 6 in 1 multi-tool comprising of a bottle opener, multi-size hex wrench, box cutter, flat-head screwdriver and file. Dimension are 62.5 x 15 x 2mm.

Orbitkey Review Summary

This section of the Orbitkey review will summarise the most important parts for the time-poor user.

For such a simple yet functional device, the Orbitkey key organiser looks and feels great. The simple and elegant aesthetic is coupled with premium quality exterior materials that exude a premium aesthetic beyond its affordable price point. The fact that there are so many different excellent materials and colourways options almost guarantee you find something that exactly matches your personal design tastes.

Another positive is its ability to organise things beyond just the humble key. With a range of accessories, including USB flash drive and a 6 in 1 multi-tool, this key organiser can almost organise dinner!

It is a very durable product that holds up extremely well with over a year’s usage with only minor cosmetic damage. The mechanism itself is slightly loosened, but can easily be re-tightened.

As well as the above, it protects other things in your pocket from key scratches. The most obvious usual victim is the dreaded phone screen scratch, which with the Orbitkey is a thing of the past!

Buy the Orbitkey Key Organiser here


Mo Alshorbaji is a seasoned content writer who specializes in video games and all things tech. He’s been in love with video games ever since he learned how to properly hold a controller and enjoys nothing more than putting PCs together in his spare time. When he’s not gaming or thinking with computers, you’ll likely find him enjoying a good book or reading up on the latest in tech.

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  1. These are a great innovation. I’m often taking care of lockouts or broken keys for my clients and the Orbitkey is an ingenious device to not only keep keys safe but you’re far less likely to lose something that big. I also love that it stops keys scratching phone screens. The number of times I’ve had a customer tell me that their keys have scratched their $1000+ phone screen.

    Having the USB flash drive on top of it all is just the icing on the cake.

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