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Ostrich Pillow Review: Look Silly While Sleeping Like a Baby Anywhere

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While the Ostrich Pillow does make you look silly, it can help you get the rest and recharge you need at work, school, while on a commute, on a plane, or practically anywhere you want. Sure, it does come with the occasional stares from other people, but you’ll probably be already asleep to even care.



  • Soft and comfortable
  • Blocks people out
  • Great skin-friendly fabric


  • Pricey
  • Does not block off sound or light completely

You’ve probably seen the funny ads and photos of people wearing what seems to be a mix of a mask, helmet, and pillow – all while sleeping on their desks, airports, under the tables, parks, trains, and practically anywhere else. You might have even seen it on Schitt’s Creek, which is a popular show currently streaming on Netflix. Well, that “contraption” you’re seeing is the Ostrich Pillow.

The Ostrich Pillow is essentially a padded tube where you can bury your head and take a nap. It’s a travel pillow that promises both comfort and fun. With a playful design and a pillowy softness, it offers you nap time whenever and wherever. But what exactly is it and how effective is it in giving you the rest you need? Let’s find out with this review.

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The Ostrich Pillow is a crazy pillow that goes over your entire head. It was launched on Kickstarter in 2012 where it received an impressive US$195,094 of funding from almost 2,000 backers. 9 years later, this pillow is still popular on both its website and Amazon, where it has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars and hundreds and hundreds of reviews from customers.

While the Ostrich Pillow is designed to be used in a variety of different settings, its main function is for travel. It is meant to disconnect you from your surroundings, which allows you to sleep peacefully without other passengers bothering you. Even better, it wraps around your entire head, so you can stay in any position you want. You can even sleep face down and have no trouble breathing or where to put your hands since it has openings specifically for those.

Unfortunately, the Ostrich Pillow is expensive. At US$99 on its website, this pillow is more expensive than most of the top products around. The Trtl Travel Pillow, for instance, is only US$30 and the Infinity Pillow is US$39. A slightly similar product, which is the Cloudz EZ, is a lot cheaper too.


Personal Space

What Ostrich Pillow really provides is a personal space where you can take cozy and comfortable power naps. By covering your head with a pillow/mask/helmet, you can create a little private space even in public places. After all, a tired mind and body will need short breaks once in a while to recharge. And with the Ostrich Pillow, you can do exactly that without leaving your desk, bench, chair, or wherever you may be.

360-Degree Comfort

Ostrich Pillow is designed to make you feel like you’re in a cocoon, covering the back, sides, and front portions of your head. This allows you to stay comfortable in any position you like. It can also disconnect you from your surroundings, by reducing light and ambient sound around you.

It’s worth noting that the Ostrich Pillow will not block out light or sound completely. But you can always wear earbuds or earphones and a sleep mask. For an already expensive product, though, this is a big letdown.

Nap Anywhere

The Ostrich Pillow can be used anywhere. With it, you can take a power nap at the school, home, office, while traveling, commuting, or chilling out at the park. If you tend to fall asleep on your desk, the Ostrich Pillow is perfect for you. With it, you’ll no longer need to use your arms to support your head. Just slip it on and dream away.

Having tried the Ostrich Pillow, however, we’ve realized how vulnerable it made us. Completely knocked out and sleeping like a baby, you won’t be able to tell if there’s danger coming your way. You probably won’t even notice if you’re already getting robbed. So while you can nap anywhere with Ostrich Pillow, it doesn’t mean you have to.

Nose and Mouth & Hand Openings

Ostrich Pillow has an opening for your nose and mouth to help you breathe easier. It even has openings for your hands so you can slip them above your head, which is perfect for sleeping on your desk.


Like a bean bag, Ostrich Pillow is filled with microbeads. This is exactly the reason why it is so soft and comfy while being lightweight. The material also makes it “squishable”.

Ostrich Pillow Gif

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Weight 320g
Head Opening Approx 70cm
Measurements 17.7 x 11 x 5.9 inches (45 x 28 x 15 cm)
Fabric Composition 95% Viscose and 5% Elastomer
Filling Polystyrene Microbeads

One of the things we like about the Ostrich Pillow is its fabric. A blend of viscose and elastomer, this fabric feels like a t-shirt. It is very soft and gentle, which is important since it will come in contact with your face. The downside is, this pillow is handwash only. You can’t throw it in the machine. So if you get your drool over it, you’ll have to clean it by hand.

Now, compared to other pillows, Ostrich is made up of polystyrene microbeads while others have polyester fillings or feathers. These are tiny beads and smaller than those used in bean bags. This provides a very nice feel to it, overall.

However, since you will have to wear this thing over your head, it can get pretty hot inside after a while. There’s also the problem with your hair. Once you take it off, you’ll be left with messy hair that may not work well if you’re at the office or school.

Ostrich Pillow 2


When we first saw the Ostrich Pillow, we immediately thought of “Diving Helmet”. With its shape and front and bottom openings, it looks awfully similar to an old scuba diving helmet. It is also a bit big, so it’s definitely going to make you stand out and draw people’s attention. That said, you’d need a lot of confidence to be able to wear this in public.

Another thing, while the Ostrich Pillow is squish-able, it doesn’t really get smaller. It will take more space in your carry-on than the Trtl Pillow or the inflatable Cloudz EZ. So, if you are traveling and short on space, this may not be your best option.

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Certainly, with this on, no one would dare to strike up a conversation with you or disturb you – which is probably its biggest appeal. You can be at peace while you enjoy a nice and relaxing nap. Sure, you’ll look silly with it on. But if it makes you sleep like a baby, then it’s worth it.

Personally, the Ostrich Pillow is not for us. The overall design isn’t a match for our need to keep things simple and subtle. Plus, it is handwash only, which is a major turn-off. For others, however, this pillow totally works. Some say it has helped their migraine, trips, and actually helped them sleep. So just because it didn’t work for us, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work with you. It’s just a matter of preference.

Overall, if you need help taking that much-needed power naps at home, at the office, school, or while traveling, Ostrich Pillow might just be a good fit for you – that is if you don’t mind the hefty price tag and have the superhuman level of self-esteem to pull it off.

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