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Overwatch 2 Behind The Scenes Looks Like A Completely New Game

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The long wait is finally over for Overwatch fans as BlizzCon 2021 showcased a lot of new features to expect for this sequel. While there hasn’t been an official announcement on when they plan to release this title, they did not disappoint with their behind the scenes presentation.

From their new Rome and New York maps to having a dedicated team in charge of recording real gunshots to give players a more immersive experience, we are seeing the game evolve and it really feels like an evolution rather than an add-on from the first game.

Role Passives And Tank Overhaul

The Damage role will have faster movement speed while the Support role will have a regeneration buff similar to what Mercy has but slower. Tanks are giving knockback resistances and reduced ultimate recharge for players shooting them.

Additionally, tanks will have more robust combat abilities compared to its predecessor. So instead of just protecting your teammates during a fight, tanks now have the ability to provide more offense.

The devs over at the live stream also mentioned that they have been experimenting on Reinhardt as he can use fire strike twice while having the ability to cancel his charge.

Skill Tree, Hero Missions and A Variety of Enemies

In order to make sure that the sequel won’t be repetitive and grindy, the Overwatch team added a lot of hero missions for those people who would love to play casually rather than being over competitive.

Not to mention that the maps will also have dynamic weather changes as you explore and accomplish the required objectives.

Additionally, each hero now has their own skill tree which gives more depth to a character’s abilities like adding elemental effects to their weapons. Imagine using your leveled up character in multiplayer game modes, it’s just going to add up to an amazing experience.

They also increased the variety of enemy units so players are treated to more challenging encounters.

Dynamic Story Dialogues

Another aspect that Overwatch 2 has improved are the story developments. In the first game, we were only treated to cutscenes for specific characters. Now, we’re going to see a legit story that’s about to unfold.

What’s more interesting about this is that playing their co-op missions won’t feel repetitive plus you get treated to a different dialogues depending on which character you pick.

As long as Blizzard doesn’t pressure themselves into releasing Overwatch 2 just ending up with a lot of game bugs like what happened with Cyberpunk 2077, it’s worth the wait.

If this summary makes you want to know more about what’s to come, watch the entire behind the scenes below for more in depth details.


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