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oxxo MagSafe Review – Most Convenient Qi Wireless Charger?

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With new Qi-enabled devices coming out and Apple incorporating the MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12, the demand for efficient and affordable wireless chargers has never been higher than today. If you are in the search for one too, here’s a new product in the market that you may want to try out: the oxxo MagSafe magnetic wireless charger.

oxxo is a wireless charger that’s designed to work with both Android and iPhone. It even works with older phones like iPhone 11 Pro Max and Apple Watch 6 Series. Moreover, it is available in two varieties: a phone stand or a car mount. Let’s dig deeper into what this neat little device can offer.

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Even with the abundance of wireless chargers today, it’s still difficult to find one that offers 15W fast charging capability, MagSafe compatibility, precision, and convenience – all while looking good and costing less. And the oxxo aims to be all that and more.

With a power output of 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W, oxxo does offer fast wireless charging. It is also a MagSafe charger, so it is precise and efficient. This makes it compatible with your new iPhone 12 and other power-hungry smartphones. Aside from that, it is available in a phone stand and car mount. And it looks extremely well too.

However, when it comes to price, oxxo is not the most affordable. Based on discount and Kickstarter price, the phone stand costs about $62 and the car mount at $78. Other wireless chargers, like the Anker PowerWave Alloy Pad ($29.99) and Belkin Wireless Charger 15W ($39.99), are much cheaper. While they aren’t as flexible or convenient as the oxxo, they offer the same maximum 15W power output.

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We are hoping the company will still lower its final unit price. But if you were to back the product on Kickstarter now, you can enjoy its benefits at a much lower price. At 50% off, oxxo is very affordable. The stand will only cost you around $31, and the car mounts at around $39.

oxxo Magsafe in car



The oxxo is a MagSafe holder, making it literally snap on to your device while charging. Since it uses magnets, it will always line up the same way. So there’s no need for guesswork on what position results in the best charge.

For the best charging experience, you will need to use a MagSafe sticker with your device – which the company also offers. It is a 0.7 mm sticker with circular magnets, which ensures your device is perfectly aligned with the charging pad.

To make it better, it is compatible with most Qi-enabled phones. For iPhone 12 users, however, this is not necessary.

Fast Charging Capabilities

One of the best things about oxxo is its ability to deliver 15W of power, making it perfect for iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, iPhone Pro Max, and other devices that support fast charging. It has the same fast charging capabilities as Apple’s MagSafe Charger.

Take note, however, that the power delivered will depend on the phone. For example, iPhone 12 mini is limited to 12W.

Phone Stand

oxxo’s phone stand allows you to use your phone while charging. You can position it anyway, and at any angle you want. You can also use it for charging other devices, including smartwatches from Apple and Samsung.

Car Mount

The company’s car mount charger features 3 different clamping positions, providing you with the best grip. It can be tilted 360 degrees, and you can use it however you want, whether portrait or landscape.

However, unlike the oxxo phone stand, you can’t use the car mount with smartwatches.

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Here are the technical specifications of the oxxo magnetic wireless charger based on its product campaign on Kickstarter.

Output 5W/7.5W/10W/15W
Input 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
Working Frequency 105Khz – 200Khz
Certificates CE, RoHs, FCC, MFI
Compatibility Android and Apple

oxxo’s 15W power output is notably better than many wireless chargers today. For instance, the SnapTo Magnetic Wireless Charger, SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount, Belkin Boost Charge, and MagicMount Charge, can only support up to 10W of wireless charging. Many wireless chargers even offer only 7.5W. So if you want to charge your device at the quickest time possible, the oxxo is one of your best choices.

It is also great that the oxxo works with not only Apple but Android as well. As long your device is Qi-enabled, you can enjoy all the benefits of this fast wireless charger.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that oxxo is MFI compliant. Meaning, this charger has the approval of Apple, and it is guaranteed to work perfectly with your iPhone or other Apple devices.

oxxo MagSafe wireless charger review


Another great thing about the oxxo is its aesthetics. Its phone stand comes in a square or circular shape and available in black or white. On the other hand, the car mount is available in oval or circular but only offered in black.

Either way, whatever you choose, all varieties of the charger looks amazing. The oxxo has a very sleek and minimalist look. When in use, you would hardly notice it’s there. This wireless charger also has no flashy screen or branding.

There is, however, an LED light with the car mount to help you locate it at night, which then turns off when the phone is attached.  Additionally, the oxxo car mount does not have grips or clamps, and it also has a beautiful mirrored finish. All these make it more sophisticated, striking, and cleaner than most car mounts available today. The same applies to the phone stand.

What’s It Like to Use?

What we love about oxxo is the convenience it provides. As with every wireless charger, you just need to plug it in and put your phone over the pad. It will start charging immediately. This means fewer cables and clutter to worry about.

And since it features MagSafe, your phone will stay in place no matter what. Even better, oxxo offers a sticker that can make any Qi-enabled device into a MagSafe one. The magnetic feature of oxxo also makes charging your phone in the car much easier.

With the vehicle mount, you can just stick your phone and drive. No need to fit your phone in any clamps or holders. You don’t have to plug any more wires too. This also makes it easier to put your device in any orientation you want.

The same goes with the company’s phone stand, which offers a lot of portrait and landscape viewing options.

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Whether as a phone stand or a car mount, the oxxo is one of the best wireless chargers today. Its fast charging capabilities, wide compatibility, aesthetics, precision, and functionality give most wireless chargers today a run for their money.

oxxo Magsafe Review


The super compact and minimalist oxxo is a better, more good looking, more convenient, and more flexible choice than other typical wireless chargers available today. Whether you need a new car mount or phone holder while keeping your phone charged, oxxo is a great choice.


  • Available in car mount or phone stand
  • Good-looking design
  • Supports 15W fast charging


  • Bit Pricey

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