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Perfect Dark Lead Designer Steps Down To Rejoin Insomniac Games

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Drew Murray, the former lead designer for the next-gen Xbox upcoming title Perfect Dark goes over to Sony’s Insomniac Games, the studio that brought you successful games like Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive to name a few.

For those who don’t know what Perfect Dark is, it’s an old game that was released during the Nintendo 64 era which was later ported into the Xbox 360. And a game with high critical acclaim at the time. Last year, the game made a comeback by giving us a teaser in the last Game Awards.

Murray announced his departure in a tweet earlier this week after ten years in working with The Initiative which is a first-party Xbox game studio based in Santa Monica.

Perfect Dark Is In Good Hands

As for The Initiative, fans need not to worry about his departure because the studio did put up a great team to work on this reboot. They recruited a group of God of War designers last 2019 and the presented game trailer did not disappoint.

Murray even recalled the times that he worked with The Initiative wherein he was shrouded in mystery when he first joined the studio.

Perfect Dark is still led by Darrell Gallagher and game director Daniel Neuburger who were also former leads for the Tomb Raider series at Crystal Dynamics before moving to Microsoft.

Will Insomniac Games Resurrect Its Other Game Titles?

Aside from being the designer for Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank, we haven’t heard about Resistance getting a comeback soon. So maybe his latest post on Twitter could be a subliminal message to his fans that they might work on another Resistance title?

It’s too soon to speculate but we’ll be keeping an eye out. For now, fans are happy for him and hopefully we’ll see more updates on Perfect Dark as well as Insomniac Games updates in the next couple of months.


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