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Philips Launches Conveniently Small Projector at $875: Learn More

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Article Summary
  • Philips is launching a projector that is easy to carry and has a screen as big as 80 inches.
  • The Philips Screeneo U4 will be launched via crowdfunding.
  • The projector is being sold at 50% off for early buyers.

One major problem with projectors these days is that they still use the old bulky technology most people are accustomed to. Philips plans to change this with a conveniently small projector that is priced at just $875.

Just like monitors, screens can come at a painful price due to the cost of hardware and technology in place for both devices. Another disadvantage is actually the space that the screen takes since it has to be either mounted to the wall or placed on the table.

The downside of the projector versus buying a TV is that it doesn’t always come with things like Google TV and wifi which make watching movies very convenient. The Philips projector comes with a streaming dongle, two HDMI ports, and a single USB port.

Philips Brings an 80-Inch Display with the New Projector

Creating a home theatre is considered by some as a pinnacle of a classy home. The problem with doing this, however, is that homeowners have to either buy an extremely large screen or invest in a good projector.

Both solutions could cost the homeowner thousands of dollars just to set up. Philips, however, has an alternative that costs just $875 that is capable of 80 inches in size as long as the projector is located 12 inches from the wall.

The Philips was called Screeneo U4 and is also capable of a sharper 60-inch display when located 7.7 inches away. The projector is only 8.8 inches in size making it convenient to carry in a bag and doesn’t take up too much space on the table.

One handy feature that the projector comes with is that it can easily be carried around in a bag to friends’ houses to watch sports or movies. This isn’t a common feature for most projectors due to how bulky they are and the addition of wires that it requires.

Philips Screeneo U4 Available for 50% Off Via Crowdfunding

A video was uploaded to show how the unique projector can easily be set up near the wall instead of being far away. Unlike other projectors, the homeowner won’t need to install the projector in a strategic location just to get a good display.

The interesting thing about the Screeneo U4 ultra is that Philips will be launching it via Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site, to raise money for the project. To add, the $875 price will only be offered to early backers.

This is a 50% price off from its official launching price at over $1,388 when the product starts shipping in August. For buyers that want a discount, the window to avail of the massive discount is before the product starts shipping out or until supply lasts.


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