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Polaris Smart Tripod: Your Companion For Amazing Timelapses

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Ever heard of a tripod head that can also act as a gimbal with its own AI processor? Benro has got you covered. From the brand that brought you quality camera gear, comes Polaris a revolutionary smart electric tripod head.

If you are a lover of landscape and nature photography, Polaris can serve as your trusted companion. Its wide array of features ranges from detecting stars and sun movement through GPS tracking as well as creating awesome time-lapses.

The aluminium alloy and stainless steel materials built into this tripod head is enough to withstand harsh conditions with its IPX6 water-resistance rating.

Preview Your Sun Shots Before Taking It

Photographers nowadays would have a hard time choosing a good location on where to take a photo when the sun rises or sets.

But thanks to the power of AI plus GPS and gyro tracking, Polaris can track and simulate the sun’s movement. The mobile app can let you compose the picture through the phone’s accelerometer, camera, and AI.

Remotely capture that perfect moment once the sun hits your desired spot.

The Holy Grail Gives The Perfect Timelapse

One of the challenges of taking day-to-night time-lapse is adjusting its exposure in post-production. And this method would take you hours to finish the final timelapse output.

With the built-in “Holy Grail” mode, the Polaris takes care of automatically analyzing and adjusting the exposure to every shot so your timelapse is as good as it gets.

The dynamic timelapse features within the app give you complete control of the camera settings like setting keyframes of a timelapse video to highlight the subject by adjusting the ramping up or slowing down speed.

Take Panoramas To The Next Level

Polaris also supports automatic multi-line panoramic photo shooting. Choose your number of rows and columns and let the smart tripod head take care of the rest.

This means that you don’t need to manually turn your camera to shoot several angles and use a stitching program on your computer to create your panorama.

Advanced Exposures and Stacking

The AI also has enhanced exposure algorithms that automatically adjust parts of your photo that is overexposed or underexposed through a synthesizing process until it gives you the perfect picture.

The multi exposing and auto stacking feature also lets the camera automatically take multiple shots and lets the Polaris AI compose a bright and sharp night scene.

Polaris comes in a bunch of packages over at Kickstarter. You can go with the Timelapse edition ($599) or Astro edition ($699) for aspiring nature photographers and astrophotographers.

If you prefer the additional cellular data connectivity for your Polaris aside from the WiFi, go with the Premium ($839) or Pro ($999) if you want extra power supplies to come with both your camera and Polaris.

All packages also include a dew heater strip which prevents condensation by warming up the lens on a camera.


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