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PooPail Review – Making Your Least Favourite Chore Bearable

With the PooPail, you’ll be picking up your dog’s landmines without having to squat or bend over, saving you from a future filled with aching backs and sore knees.
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PooPail Quick Review


PooPail does a fantastic job of making a bothersome chore easier and cleaner than ever and even manages to remain earth-conscious in the process. If you have a dog at home, do yourself a favour and pick up a PooPail.



  • Super easy to use
  • Environment friendly
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Sealed lid keeps water out and smells in


  • Pail could have benefitted from some wheels

Dogs may be man’s best friend but their poop sure as heck isn’t. While there’s nothing quite like having an adorable pupper around the house, cleaning up after them whenever they leave “accidents” on the floor or in the yard can be a major hassle. Lucky for fur-parents, PooPail is around to make their job that much easier.

It’s essentially a giant trash bin with an innovative lid system and a special scooper that hopes to make poop duty easier than ever. In this PooPail review, we’re going to find out if it really is every dog owner’s dream or just an oversized wastebasket with a pretty paint job.

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PooPail Overview

PooPail is the brainchild of Sandy Stinson, a proud dog lover who simply grew tired of having to pick up dog waste several times a day and walk long distances just to throw it into a garbage bin.

To make all dog owners’ lives easier, she developed a special container specifically for storing dog poop that opens with a simple flick of the wrist. And once you close the lid back up, it’s completely sealed from the outside, smell and all. It even comes with its own pooper-scooper, complete with an elongated handle to keep all the work to a minimum.

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Easy-open Lid

PooPail features a wide lid that opens by simply tilting the bin forward as you’re holding on to the handle. This causes the bin to lay down horizontally while the lid remains vertical, allowing you to scoop in any little “presents” your dog has left for you.

Enormous Storage Capacity

The bin can store up to four gallons of waste for up to a week, severely minimizing the trips you have to take to the dumpster every time you need to get rid of your dog’s poop. You won’t have to worry about it stinking up the place or letting in water either, since PooPail’s lid is completely sealed when closed and is both waterproof and smell-proof.

Environment Friendly

Earth-conscious fur-parents will be glad to know that PooPail’s poop bags are both compostable and biodegradable, having been certified by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Ergonomic Design

Its pail design, together with how long the scooper is, ensures that you only have to bend a minimal amount to pick up your pet’s poop. Bye-bye back pain.

Colours Galore

PooPail comes in six different colours, including green, blue, grey, purple, orange, and tan.’

PooPail Product Shot



Width 28 cm / 11 inches
Depth 24 cm / 9.5 inches
Height 40 cm / 16 inches
Handle 87 cm / 34 inches
Scooper 78 cm / 30.5 inches


Width 28 cm / 11 inches
Depth 24 cm / 9.5 inches
Height 40 cm / 16 inches
Handle 71 cm / 28 inches
Scooper 62 cm / 25inches


Width 28 cm / 11 inches
Depth 24 cm / 9.5 inches
Height 40 cm / 16 inches
Handle 51 cm / 20 inches
Scooper 39 cm / 15.5 inches


Polypropylene Pail and handle grip
Thermoplastic Elastomer 96A Bag catches
Thermoplastic Elastomer 49A Feet, overmold soft rubber on scoop handle and grab handle
ABS Plastic Lid and sides of pail handle
Alloy Steel Peg on the handle for the scoop to hang, and to attach the lid to side handles
Neodymium Magnet

PooPail on Driveway

Build & Design

From afar, it’d be easy to mistake the PooPail for a run-of-the-mill trash bin, given its rugged and functional design. What sets it apart is its elongated handle and the special scooper that’s latched onto the side. Its lid is also slightly wider than the mouth of the pail, allowing the contraption to seal in foul smells and to keep out any water or other substances from entering.

As for its build, PooPail is made of sturdy plastic that promises over 10 years worth of use and is completely recyclable when it has reached the end of its lifespan.

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If you’re a dog owner who spends a great deal of time picking up after your pets, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get yourself a PooPail. It makes poop collection infinitely easier, lets you store it for up to a week, prevents unwanted smells, and even keeps water from seeping into the pail. To top it all off, it’s environmentally safe. Hands down one of the best poop disposal gizmos on the market.


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