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PopuPiano: Smart Portable Piano

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Whether you’re just starting to learn or already a professional, the PopuPiano is a great device for playing and making music on the go. With its user-friendly app, hundreds of songs, and multifunctional chord pad, playing the piano has never been this easy.



  • Comes with a multifunctional chord pad
  • Allows users to play and sing along with hundreds of songs
  • Precise pitch controller
  • Just as capable as 88 keys piano


  • Only two colour options to choose from

With its glowing and dazzling keys, the PopuPiano can help make your practices easier and smarter. It also comes with FREE video tutorials to make you better. Plus, it’s compatible with professional software, making it a perfect choice for pro players. But the same can be said with other smart portable pianos around. So what makes PopuPiano different? Let’s find out in this review.

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With the introduction of smart keyboards and portable pianos like the PopuPiano, you no longer have to be in front of a grand piano or digital piano to learn how to play the piano. You don’t have to sit alongside a pushy instructor who smacks your fingers whenever you hit the wrong key. You also don’t have to limit yourself to classical pieces that can put anyone to sleep. The best part is, you can now learn at your own pace.

What’s also great about the PopuPiano Smart Portable Piano and other smart keyboards is that they make learning more fun and exciting. By gamifying the experience, you’d be more encouraged and thrilled to play the piano and finish a song. They are also more compact than regular e-keyboards, which makes them easy to carry around and travel with.

On the downside, smart pianos tend to be more expensive than some excellent full-sized keyboards. The Lumi Keyboard, for instance, is pricier than even a good Yamaha keyboard. The ONE Music Group Smart Stage Keyboard is also a lot more expensive than many of the keyboards around. For the PopuPiano Smart Portable Piano, however, there are some fantastic deals for early bird supporters, which can be seen here


Glowing Keys

When used for the tutorials and practices, the PopuPiano Smart Portable Piano’s keys will light up according to the instruction. This serves as your guide on which keys to play, improving your accuracy and learning efficiency. All practices are also designed with gradual difficulties, which is great so you can take your time and make progress step by step.

Aside from being your guide to learning songs, the PopuPiano’s glowing keys can also light up according to the music scale. For instance, when you select the Blues Scale, only the keys under such music style will light up. Aside from Blues, you can also choose from Japanese, Chinese, Persian, and Hindu. This makes composing songs so much easier.

Multifunctional Chord Pad

The most unique feature of the PopuPiano is its detachable multifunctional chord pad, in fact it is the first smart piano that combines a chord pad with a keyboard! This is another set of keys to control drumbeats and trigger chords with just one key. So playing music has never been easier.

Pitch Controller

What’s different about this smart portable piano is that it offers more than 20 pitches. It’s precise too, giving you the option to adjust the pitch every half-tone. So regardless of the music you are playing and singing along with, it can help you find the perfect pitch for your voice. Also, if your favorite song just feels too high for your voice, just lower it through the device’s pitch controller and you’ll instantly do so much better.

Compatible with Garage Band

Another neat feature of the PopuPiano Smart Portable Piano is its wide compatibility. You can use it with professional software such as Garageband, Logic, and Cubase. So it’s great for pro players, too.

7 Octaves

Just like full-sized pianos and keyboards, the PopuPiano also has 7 octaves. So it’s as capable as those with 88 keys. Or, for professional players, you can also extend it and connect another specially designed keyboard to its left side to make it into a classic e-keyboard.


Like the Lumi Keyboard, you can also use the PopuPiano with an application called the PopuMusic App – with a key difference being that Lumi is a paid app and PopuMusic is free! This will give you access to free tutorials tailored for newbies and professionals and hundreds of instrument sounds, which are great for both playing and making music. Through the app, you can learn the following:

  • Basic Fingering: basic hand shape, practicing the ring finger and little finger, how to use five fingers flexibly, how to play chords, and playing and singing secrets
  • Advanced Playing Skills: drums and bass, finger extension skills, finger planting skills, advanced playing and singing, and Freeplay.

The PopuPiano also offers hundreds of songs that you can learn in minutes. How? By simplifying the process of mastering chords and condensing the most-used chords into the compact chord pad. So you can instantly play along with the song of your choice with just taps of your finger.

Aside from showing you what chords and keys to play, this device also displays the karaoke lyrics of the song you have chosen, with 6-8 new songs added for free each

month. So if you’ve always wanted to play and sing along with your favorite songs, here’s a great smart piano for you.


Product name PopuPiano
Product Specifications chord pad + 29-key Tonic Keyboard
Product Size 18.3*4.8*1.3 inch (463.8*122.6*33 mm)
Battery capacity 2200mAh lithium battery
Charging time About 1.5 hours
Wireless transmission Bluetooth 5.0BLE (support Bluetooth MIDI)
Charging interface USB Type-C
Power input 5V 2A
Supporting device *Bluetooth 4.0BLE version or above, some models do not support Bluetooth MIDI and need to be plugged in

Apple system: iOS11 and above, iPhone6s, iPadAir2 and above

Android system: Android 8.0 or above

Remark This product is a standard MIDI keyboard and supports professional arrangement software Logic, Cubase and other software


The first thing you’ll probably notice about the PopuPiano is its size. It is so small and portable that you will have no problems taking it along on gigs and trips, surprisingly tho it manages to fit a generous 29 keys. Plus, it’s simple and minimalistic with only two controls – the power button and octave controller. Once turned on, its glowing keys will certainly catch your attention. The almost hypnotic array of vibrant colors makes it fun and certainly very dazzling.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always wanted to learn the piano, then the PopuPiano Smart Portable Piano is a good place to start. With its free video tutorials, glowing keys, and multifunctional chord pad, no doubt you’ll start improving in no time. It also offers a gaming mode, which makes practices and lessons feel more exciting and enjoyable. Not only is the PopuPiano great for newbies, but it’s also great for pro players, especially those who have a passion for composing and making music.

Surely, there are still a lot more things to look forward to with the PopuPiano, including its price, specs, and full feature list. But from what we’re already seeing, this device can certainly give other smart portable pianos a run for their money.


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