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PupPod: A Smart Gadget That Can Train Your Dog

An interactive game with a fun mobile app to track your pet scores 🐶📱
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Want to focus more on your work without your dog annoying you? Then this smart solution might be worth looking at. A rocker, feeder, and mobile app in one, the PupPod gives dog owners an all-around solution to teach their pet new tricks while behaving at the same time.

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Let’s take a look at the features that these gadgets have to offer and this might become your long term investment for training those rowdy pups to become your trusted and obedient companions.

The Rocker: A Puzzle Toy To Keep Your Dog Occupied

The Rocker acts as a smart toy trainer for your dog. Test your dog’s mental capacity through the use of its software and sensors. While you’re busy working, your dog can entertain himself with solving puzzles.

This puzzle toy is also designed for deaf and noise-sensitive dogs. You can set it to lights only or play sounds for the dog to react to during his playtime. It can even play droid sounds from Star Wars such as R2D2 and BB-8 which you can configure via the app.

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The Feeder Rewards Dogs For A Job Well Done

The PupPod also comes with an automated feeder which you can place on a table or mount on a wall. Both the rocker and feeder are connected in a mobile app that tracks your dog’s game progress. So whenever your pup accomplishes a puzzle from the rocker, the feeder automatically dispenses treats as an incentive.

Track Your Dogs Achievements Through The Mobile App

What’s amazing about this PupPod set is its gamification aspect wherein your dogs can collect badges whenever they accomplish puzzles and you can show them off on social media.

Both the Rocker and Feeder are also connected via the mobile app and you can track the battery usage of the Feeder that can last you for almost a year.  In this YouTube video presented by PupPod’s CEO, Erick Eidus, he said that the toy still has 71% battery life after his pet has been constantly playing it for three and a half months.

As for the puzzle games, you can set a level plus a random interval between sounds if you want to give your dog a challenge before he gets his treats. Dog owners can buy the PupPod for only $199 which comes with a 45-day trial and money-back guarantee with a one year warranty.

Time to train your dogs the smart way while you focus at work and eventually show off your dog’s accomplishments to your friends.

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