Qualities To Look For In Headphones

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When it comes to choosing a pair of headphones, you may be feeling a bit lost at the thought. The headphone market has rapidly expanded in recent years, making the decision of choosing the pair that is right for you, a tricky one. They vary in styles, size, functionality, specialty, and quality.

However, this should not become a reason to despair, as this discussion will narrow down the different options, and help you to make a choice that best suits your listening preference, whatever your needs. Picking a pair of headphones is a personal choice since our reason for using them will vary from others’. Therefore, it is important that you spend time considering the available information before making your purchase, since you will be the one to wear, and hopefully, enjoy them.

What Is The Difference Between Headphones, Headsets, Ear Phones, And Earbuds?

If you have been using these terms interchangeably in the past, you actually have actually, (incorrectly and unknowingly) been talking about different devices. Each set has a different style and design. Headphones, which we will cover in more detail below, generally speaking, cover the outside of the ears and are connected by a band that runs over the head. In the past, they used to have a connecting cable but now most newer models can be connected via Bluetooth. However, some models do sit partially inside the ear too. Headsets are similar to headphones, except they have a mouthpiece that can be used to pick up the voice audio of the wearer. These are commonly used for gaming and for people who make work-related phone and video calls.

Earphones rest inside the ear, in the ear canal, and are typically connected by a thin wire. Earbuds differ as they rest on the concha, which is the opening of the ear canal. These can also be joined by a wire. More recently, there are wireless models available of both earphones and earbuds. For a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of all the different models and styles, you can check out These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to all things audio-related.

4 Important Headphone Qualities

Now that we’ve clarified the different types of audio devices, we can plunge into the qualities one should look for when choosing a pair of headphones. After doing some research and reading, you should start to have an idea of the price range in mind. This will help you to pick a price point, which will also aid in your decision. Remember, like most things, good quality usually means spending a bit more. That said, while it might feel like a big purchase at first, the idea is that if they are a good quality pair, they will last a long time.

  1. How Do They Feel?

One of the major draw factors of a pair of headphones is their plush, padded design. The cushioning should fit snuggly over your ears and feel comfortable, especially if you are going to spend an extended period wearing them. When it comes to this particular quality, trying on a few different options in-store is probably your best bet.

  1. Sound Quality

Headphones are for listening and thus the quality of your audio is important. Certain headphone models have particular features to enhance sound. For instance, if you are a fan of music with heavy bass, then you want to go for a pair with a built-in bass boost feature. Headphones have a piece of technology called a driver, which is the mechanics behind the sound, and so for good bass, you would ideally choose a set with a large driver, around 40mm.

  1. Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is another very appealing feature of headphones. Once you place the device over your ears, you can hear nothing other than what is playing through the speakers. This technology is ideal for people who work in an open-plan office setting but need to concentrate on phone calls or listen to music, or white noise to drown out the background noise. When choosing a model of headphones, it is important to consider how effective this particular pair is at sound canceling. Again, here it is helpful to test different models in-person.

  1. Portability And Convenience

If you are going to be using your headphones during your commute, or need to carry them around with you for work purposes, then you should consider how portable and convenient they are for travel. If this pair is only going to be for stationary use then weight and ease of storage is not an important factor in your decision. The same goes for battery life. How well does the pair hold a power charge? If you are going to be away from a source of power for extended periods then your battery life is a key part of your decision.

Headphone on table

Deciding on a pair of headphones to purchase does not need to be a confusing and stressful process. You first need to identify your needs for use and then spend some time researching the different options, reading reviews, as well as trying on a few pairs for yourself. We hope this discussion has given you a few pointers to consider while you make your headphone decision.


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